Iraqs heaviest man undergoes surgery in India to lose weight: Update

Iraqs heaviest man undergoes surgery in India to lose weight: Update

Iraqs heaviest man undergoes surgery in India to lose weight: Update

India is becoming a happening place for people who are seeking medical help at low cost. Just a few months ago one of my friends who is a professor of religion in a top US varsity came to Hyderabad for a tooth change and root canal treatment. He said that he paid a pittance, just around 100 greenbacks and nothing more. In the US it would have cost a couple of thousands of dollars besides waiting for some time.

While medical tourists from the US may not be a common sight, many people from Arab nations, mostly Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan are finding it very economic and cost friendly to come and seek medical assistance. Now serious obesity patients are also coming to India for bariatric or weight loss surgery.

Just now doctors in Delhi have successfully operated upon the heaviest Iraqi in order to make him get over his extreme obesity problem.

Ali Saddam who weighed as much as 301 kilograms came to India to undergo bariatric surgery. A sedentary lifestyle had seen him accumulate weight and lots of it. The 43-year-old Iraqi national is known as Iraq’s heaviest man and underwent the surgery on March 23.

weight-loss-surgeryHe underwent surgery at New Delhi’s BLK Super Specialty Hospital. Dr Deep Goel, Sr Consultant and Director, Bariatric and Advance Laparoscopy Surgery at the hospital says that he has reduced 20 kg within five days after the surgery.

To be true if you wanted to know why Saddam’s weight went up so much, you will be amazed to know that his diet included 24 eggs for breakfast, two chickens with 12 chapattis for lunch and one goat for dinner along with two liters of milk and 15 khaboos (Arabic flat bread). The patient as doctor says developed obstructive sleep apnoea and had to depend on depend on Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine.

While talking about the operation and other issues involved, Dr Goel says that the most tricky part of the surgery was locating his abdomen as Ali had more than one feet of fat deposition around his belly. All his organs were densely covered with layers of fat. Another major issue was controlling his heart beat, blood pressure and sugar.

Another issue was what operating table to use that could fit him. Finally doctors decided to lay him on two operation tables, and two surgeons had to stand on stools.

But the final surgery was not such a huge issue. Surgeon says that the surgery was minimally invasive and only took an hour to perform despite his heavy weight.

Ali now seems to be full of hope. While talking about his depression owning to his huge size he says, ‘Ignored and discarded by many hospitals in my country and was only steadily increasing body weight all around. My appetite increased day-by-day, and I maintained a sluggish lifestyle for years. I did not realise that heavy diet full of saturated fat will bring me at this weight”. He had to book three seats for himself alone on the airliner that brought him to Delhi.

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