IPL spot fixing scandal 2013: Efforts are on to dilute the spot-fixing case?


    (NVOnews.com): Though it is true that anti-national elements, criminals and mafia gangs are involved in the IPL 2013 spot-fixing scandal yet, it seems, that efforts are now on to dilute the case by planting stories that the three players caught by the police were terrified by various gangsters.

    Quoting police sources the stories say that young cricketers were under threat from the D-company and other underworld dons. But the sources did not deny the good relationship between these players and such gangs.

    What is being now asked is as to why the players did not ever inform any authority about any such threat from any dons. And if the players had informed the IPL authorities why did not they tell the police or took any action or make the issue public?

    Besides, the contact between S Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila and bookies were not only confined to mobile. Now the Delhi Police said that they used to meet each other quite regularly and were in constant touch. The bookies would travel in the same flight with the players, stay in their hotels, visit the players’ house and share good moments with them.

    Now the media reports said that three other players of the same team refused to accept bookies’ offer. So if the threat factor was so strong how did these three players refused to get trapped in the betting scandal. They too were quite young cricketers, definitely much less known than Sreesanth, who has been in the international cricket––Test, One-Dayer and T-20––for last so may years.

    Initially Sreesanth’s father tried to defend him by accusing captain Mahinder Singh Dhoni and bowler Harbhajan Singh. However, he immediately retracted his statement.

    A Delhi Police source was quoted in the media as saying: “But we need to verify all these things(the threat story) .”

    After all police is now in possession of footage of a few hotels where Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan and Chandila are seen in the company of bookies and also the delivery of money as evidence.

    Apart from that, this is not the first time that any such scandal has broken in India. It has much deep-rooted history and the players, the cricketing authorities and the Police were all well aware as to what are the tools used by the gangsters engaged in this flourishing racket.

    Sources concede that since the scandal is linked to the real big and powerful in the country, it is being given a different twist. No doubt players are relatively small fry in comparison to those with much bigger pockets.