iPhone 7 images go viral: 3 design improvements with the use of sapphire glass

iPhone 7 images go viral: 3 design improvements with the use of sapphire glass

iPhone 7 images go viral: 3 design improvements with the use of sapphire glass

Apple iPhone 7 may still be many moons away. Nonetheless, the handset is already going viral across social networking platforms and on search engines. The enthusiasm about everything Apple cannot be doubted, nonetheless the Cupertino based Apple’s smartphones beat everything even other Apple products too.

Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been massive successes even going by the high hopes of Apple bosses. And there is no doubt that the next version is going to completely eclipse other smartphone makers like Samsung, LG, HTC and others. While Samsung is seeing steady erosion of its market share, Apple’s market share is going up despite its high pricing and the fact that its handsets don’t come with anything extraordinary.

In the meantime rumors about specifications and features of the next generation iPhone are already being discussed across the globe. Everyone seems to be sure that the company is going to come out with some sort of game changer that will further improve its market prospects.iPhone 7 images

Meanwhile a few iPhone 7 photos have appeared that have created further excitement among Apple fans. These images actually show as to how the next generation iPhone 7 would look like.

Despite the confusion surrounding the nomenclature of the next generation smartphone, people are more concerned about the specifications and looks than its name. Meanwhile the latest iPhone 7 images that have been made by Croatian design artists Ivo Maric and Tomislav Rastovac are actually completely based on the imaginations of the artists involved in the design and may not reflect the actual design of the iPhone 7.

A report in Inquisitor while talking about the latest images says, “The iPhone 7 concept you see in the images boast of a sapphire glass front — something that has been rumored for quite a while. With Apple already using sapphire glass on the Apple Watch, there is good reason to believe that the iPhone 7 would also get the same treatment. Another part where glass will make a comeback is the rear panel. Like in the case of the iPhone 4 and the 4s, the iPhone 7 concept gets a glass covered back. One thing where this iPhone 7 concept differs from the older glass laden iPhone versions is the fact that there would be no use of aluminum”. So stay tuned for more Apple iPhone 7 updates. It must be kept in mind that iPhone 7 release date is still not confirmed.

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