6 best features of iPhone 6S that were absent in iPhone 6

6 best features of iPhone 6S that were absent in iPhone 6

i6 best features of iPhone 6S that were absent in iPhone 6

Both the new iPhone versions are great. Be it iPhone 6S or for that matter iPhone 6S Plus, both the handsets from tech giant Apple are being praised by users and reviewers alike. There is no denying the fact that almost everyone is trying to get hold of the two handsets released in the market merely three days ago. This is the reason that analysts believe as many as thirteen million units of the two handsets will be sold in the first weekend itself. This is a huge number and only another iPhone version will be able to break this record.

Though from factor to display, many things haven’t changed in the new iPhone versions, nonetheless there are many features in the new handsets that were not available in the older versions.

One of the very interesting features that comes with the new version(s) is the fact that you can actually shoot Live Photos on the iPhone 6S. This denotes that your smartphone’s camera captures the moments before and after the shutter button has actually been pressed. This reportedly created an image that moves, though just slightly.

iPhone 6s shipping begins sept 25Using Siri has become all the more enticing. With the new handsets you can use Siri completely hands free even when your iPhone isn’t plugged in. while you turn on “Hey Siri,” this will allow you to ask questions without even touching the handset.

And another extremely user friendly feature is the fact that you can unlock your iPhone more quickly since the iPhone 6S comes with a new Touch ID sensor and a faster processor. So enjoy the new handset if you are lucky to lay your hands on it.

The smartphone’s 3D Touch feature makes many small tasks all the more entertaining and rather easy. You can jump from task to task within apps without much of a trouble.

Another feature that will be much loved and praised by selfie enthusiasts is the fact that iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus help you take better selfies. The two versions come with a front camera that comes with flash for front camera too. This means that in the dark background if you are taking a selfie, the flash will illuminate the screen giving you better results and better selfies.

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