iPhone 6 release date rumors: expect A7 ARM Cortex processor, 2GB RAM


    There are more and more rumors about iPhone 6 release date and specs. Analysts are expecting upgrades like A7 ARM Cortex processor, 2GB RAM besides better display

    iPhone 6 rumors are everywhere. Apple fans want it just now. They are seeing the launch of one handset after the other from Android smartphone manufacturers and they are also seeing these handsets come with impressive specifications and features. They are visibly unhappy over the lack of a matching iPhone version in the market. Though they don’t really tell it openly to their pals and relatives who own Android handsets, they feel it deep inside their hearts. And to be true, they are not in minority. They are found everywhere in very large number and even Wall Street too feels the same way.

    Apple and its investors have seen its stocks slide and slide, go down and down and further down and now there is really not much hope of Apple stock recovering and bouncing back. To be true there is very remote chance that Apple will be able to retain its stocks to even at the current level. Apple’s stock market slide started after iPhone 5 disappointed the market. If a new handset with better specs comes and sells as anticipated by the market, Apple can expect some recover. We have seen handsets coming with a lot better specifications than Apple’s present day flagship handset, iPhone 5. Now Nokia too is planning to introduce a next generation flagship handset of its Windows Phone 8 handset Lumia 920 merely six months after its launch in the market. The new handset is expected to come with major improvements. LG, after launching a new phablet Optimus G Pro is coming up with it next generation flagship handset Optimus G2 that has been leaked to the media. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and HTC One, both are far better than iPhone 5 and are reportedly attre acting many iPhone fans.

    There are reasons for Apple to be worried in this trend. This migration of Apple iPhone users to Android handsets, particularly to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is going to hurt Apple badly in the long term. Meanwhile a new image of next generation iPhone has been leaked to the media. The latest image has been unearthed by GSM Arena and the images show a handset that looks very different from the iPhone 5 and doesn’t have physical home button in favour of an edge-to-edge screen. Different from the current generation iPhone, the new leak shows that new leaks features gently curved, tapering edges that gives it a different look.

    There are some more good news in store. Rumors suggest that besides new regular iPhone version, Apple may also come with cheaper iPhone version. Reports suggest that the company would not give up its trademark design and the build quality, though it is ready to give up top specifications and instead put in some low end specs. Thought nothing has been confirmed by Cupertino based Apple –they don’t believe in announcing their products in advance –but now it is almost certain that the company is working on a cheaper version of iPhone, like it is working on a bigger sized iPhone set to be introduced later this year.  Apple’s nose-diving stocks has prompted the company to think about a strategy to counter the ever increasing threat from Android handset, more particularly Samsung, the biggest smartphone manufacturer.

    But if you thought Apple will launch something like Nokia’s Asha 210, then you are certainly mistaken. To be frank don’t expect the cheaper iPhone version to come for $100 or $200. A report on AllThingsD while mentioning J.P. Morgan analysts Gokul Hariharan and Mark Moskowitz, says that even low cost handsets from Apple will still be a “mid-end” handset rather than really, really low cost handsets as they are being made out to be.

    Reports coming out of Apple offices suggest that improvement in display quality is expected. There is a huge uncertainty over the screen size of the rumored new iPhone. To make it competitive to the new row of FHD phones out in stores, Apple needs to increase screen size of its phone. What are doing rounds in the gossip world is that Apple is to launch a large 4.8-inch Retina display on the device, thus it can compete with the big-screen phones from Android rivals like Samsung, Sony, HTC and more. Apple “would make the phone similar in size to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. At this screen resolution, Apple could then move to a Full HD (1,920×1,080 resolution) or even go beyond,” says ExpertReviews. So, along with raising the screen size, Apple will have to make sure that it is proportionately getting better resolution.

    Besides, you can also expect improved processor and more RAM. The entire lineup of FullHD phones are there with high-end quad core processors and at least 2GB RAM. The current iPhone only has a dual-core Apple A6 processor, which would be getting a quad-core Apple A7 ARM Cortex A15-based replacement along with at least 2GB of RAM. Only such powerful specs can attract customers from the charms of the top-end Android devices to the new iPhone in coming months. Though there are no clues as to when the new handset from Cupertino based Apple will be out, to be true, there are no clues as yet. If Apple follows its last year iPhone release schedule, we will have to wait until October to get the device. But Apple used to launch an update for iPhone at its WWMC 2013 or a media event soon after it. This time, many reports suggest that the new iPhone would push out after the WWDC, where Apple may debut the new iOS 7 update. As per French website Nowhereelse.fr, the next iPhone upgrade is to go for pre-orders from Japanese telecom KDDI by June 20. Some document had given the hints for the site to lay such a forecast. It is not confirmed yet. “The supposed document looks to be meant for sales floor staff and carries pricing information as well as a few details regarding the as-yet-unannounced iPhone 5S,” writes Apple Insider. So things are looking very exciting for Apple fans. Things are finally looking bright for Apple fans.


    1. If they don’t make their new phones larger they will continue to lose customers. It’s ridiculous that you can’t get the iphone with a larger screen.

    2. I love it. One person makes up a rumor about the specs of the new “A7” chip and then other tech blogs report this rumor in their articles. There are no credible reports about what the newest ios soc will look like, and if there were the info would be coming from credible sources.

    3. I agree, I waited, and waited, and waited more. Bought the Iphone 5, just because. Then I saw how nice the HTC One and Galaxy S4 were. Bought the S4 and loving it. I can do ANYTHING I want with it too, imagine that. Ill never go back to Apple.Sold my Ipads as well. Too late Apple, you snooze you loose.

    4. What’s even more funny is that the iPod Touch 5 is basically an iPhone without a SIM card.

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