BY | February 2, 2013

Cupertino based tech giant is facing uncertain future. Competition is mounting against its handsets. iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920 vs Galaxy S3 vs BlackBerry Z10 competition has put Apple under severe pressure

Despite decent sales in Q4 2012, iPhone’s share value continues to fall down. The 2013 may not be a good year for the Cupertino tech maker. It will face some challenges on its way ahead in the year. As per rumors, the company is about to produce a new iPhone 5S, iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 this year. But, growth of Android, Windows Phone and many other factors will lift up critical threat to the Apple ecosystem of mobile and tablets.

Recent IDC figures show that Apple’s dominance in mobile market is on decay. It is slowly losing momentum in market to the companies like Samsung that produces a huge variety of handsets for Android. According to an IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo, the mobile market has largely changed and Apple’s business model is facing critical threats this year.

“Here lies the biggest challenge for Apple. How to keep growing and keep market share when the market is moving in a new direction?” Jeronimo asks. He thinks that the market is more lenient toward low-priced handsets recently. What are the major challenges for Apple this year? Here is a list of challenges Apple may face in 2013 from the entire mobile market and its growing competitors.

Low Price Handsets: It is a turn of time the market has a special craze toward low-price handsets. It may be because of the raise in number of people, who wish to join the smartphone bandwagon. Lots of people in emerging markets initially choose lower end models before putting money for higher end variants. Of now, Android is the only platform that has a deluge of moderate and entry level phones with better quality.

“Devices at lower price points are invading the smartphone segment. When the first cheap smartphones were introduced, typically running on Android OS, the experience was poor and the quality of the handsets very low. But that has changed,” says Jeronimo of IDC.

As of now, Samsung is an indomitable leader in low-priced handsets. It produces a huge variety of devices for different prices, geographical areas and more. Quite recently, the company launched Galaxy S3 Mini, Grand, Galaxy Axiom, Galaxy Xcover 2, Galaxy S2 Plus, Galaxy Express and more for various regions. Behind Samsung, Sony is also expanding its market with too many midrange and bottom-line Xperia phones. Other tech makers like HTC, Huawei and ZTE also lead the mobile market with many low price models.

FullHD Phablets: The new line of 1080p FullHD phablets is a big challenge for iPhone this year. All major Android product maker including HTC, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo and Sony have announced high quality phones with 5-inch or larger FHD phones. Samsung is about to make over its Galaxy S line with a 1080p upgrade, the S4. Apple iPhone still has a 4-inch 720p display. Even if the company upgrades the phone with a 1080p display, there is less chance it should increase the display size.

Windows Phone 8: Slowly but steadily, Windows Phone 8 of Microsoft pitches up in the smartphone market. Powered by handsets like Nokia Lumia 920, the software raises tough challenge to Apple. As per an earlier prediction, Apple is to lose its position in smartphone market to Microsoft in five years, leaving the first position to Android. More companies are reportedly to join the Windows Phone spree with quality products.

BlackBerry 10 OS: BlackBerry 10 has just been announced. The software may not make a tough and direct fight with any of its rivals. But, as per some analysts, the OS and one of its first handsets the Z10 are highly capable to defy Apple iPhone. Lots of analysts have compared the Z10 along with the new iPhone 5, claiming that the former can easily win over the Apple smartphone. More handsets and tables to the BlackBerry 10 line will end up things as a big challenge to Apple iPhone in 2013.


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