BY | April 16, 2012

It is making headlines long before Apple makes a formal announcement. iPhone 5 release date is approaching fast. Reports suggest that it will come with 4 plus inch screen and better battery life

iPhone 5 ‘s expected June launch has once again invigorated the Apple fans who are seeking a better smart phone for them who looks as good as some latest top Android smartphones and continues to have an edge over every other phone when it comes to performance.

Reports of bigger screen in the iPhone 5 have given them hope that after a rather long wait they too will have a bigger smartphone with better display. When Samsung, Motorola and HTC have introduced bigger smartphones with great displays including HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Note and Motorola Droid Razr among others with 4 plus inch screen size, Apple continued to stick with its 3.5 inch screen.

But latest reports suggest that finally Apple has decided to discontinue with 3.5 inch screen and introduce a rather big 4.6 inch display. This may have warmed the hearts of Apple fans across the world.

But there are some people who say that Apple fans may not like a bigger screen as they love 3.5 inch iPhone display. But an informed reader has this to say, “I don’t think it is an accurate analysis to say that people don’t want larger screens because they keep buying iPhone’s smaller screen. They keep buying iPhone because they want an iPhone even though they might prefer a larger screen. I suspect many iPhone users would love a slightly larger screen. I also suspect that many would not want a > 4″ screen (4.3-4.5) because that size is getting a bit big. But a 4″ screen is probably right-sized. Apple wouldn’t do it unless they felt users wanted it. And given 4G speeds, more people will probably do more web based content which was a bit slow on 3G.”

The improvements in the latest iPad 3 have made people all the more optimistic about the expected improvements in iPhone 5 features. We can now understand that the forthcoming version of iPhone would come loaded with 4G LTE and that it will come with A5X chip. Reports filtering from Cupertino based Apple suggest that the ground is still not prepared for A6 processor in the next iPhone 5. If you thought that iPhone 5 will come with A6 processor, you may feel disappointed again as Apple may not upgrade the technology so soon and so fast. Many people were expecting the latest showcased iPad 3 to come with A6 processor, but their hopes were dashed as Apple refused to toe what fans wanted from it, and went on to put A5X chip in it. Nevertheless the new chip is several times faster than its A5 chip that powers iPhone 4S.

Meanwhile a Digitimes report suggests that Apple is going to improve the battery of iPhone 5. Though experts suggest that it will be very tough with 4G LTE to improve the battery life of the forthcoming version of iPhone, nonetheless Apple fans expect the company to come with a better battery than the existing ones. If Apple can launch the new iPhone with a better battery, it may help the company eke out an edge in the competitive market. Unfortunately for them, Motorola’s Droid Razr Maxx sports a Li-Ion 3300 mAh battery, which, according to the company, can give up to 21 hours of talk time. Matching it may be tough, but a better battery may give some more reasons to Apple fans to rejoice.


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  • Austin

    I would be pissed if the iPhone 5 had a 4.6 inch screen, if I wanted a larger screen I would just go by an iPad. Now it’s it’s a 4 inch screen then that would be great, just as long as its not like the LG chocolate with its really long screen, or abnormally large then i’d buy the iPhone 5.

  • Django

    I’ve been holding out for the iPhone 5 release now for a good while. Not because I’m a natural early-adopter but because what Siri promised but roundly failed to deliver could if finally delivered fully strung change my productivity so significantly that its arrival in my work life could mark a turning point. Being able to jot ideas down on the go without having to pull the car over and fiddle with an irritating qwerty pad, or worse accumulate large numbers of anonymously named voice recordings would take my creative mind and free it from the pitfalls of its flitting ADhD nature. I really couldn’t care less if I can see a pixel or if the screen is 3.6 or 4.6 inches. I do care that I can manage my to do list through Siri, that I can add items to various shopping lists, that I can get timely reminders (e.g. when my motion drops below 4mph for 4 minutes plus Siri can assume I’m not still driving), and that the promised full Siri map tools and sat nav arrive . . . I don’t want a phone, I want what Apple have been long aiming for, I want a fully appointed “Vade Mecum”, rich in resources to improve my productivity – battery life is a big one here, my iPhone 3G as good as lives on a lead as almost any use drains it – similarly tetherless charging on the new iPhone would move it a few steps closer to being a loved item. And finally, I want it to talk to my macbook pro without tethering and I want it to be seamless – I just want it all to work, and if it does I will pay a premium price and work that iPhone till its silicon innards keel over with exhaustion.
    I should add that the delay in announcing the launch date has me inevitably eyeing the competition – I don’t buy brands I buy functions and reliability – I am already starting to explore how integrated a fully appointed Android phone can be with my macbook – for me, a Siri that is able to launch apps and control them, and offer me a genuinely impressive AI PAis a deal breaker though – make that work and bring it to market soon and Apple can have my money – it has to be a Whole Lot better than the Siri on the iPhone 4S though, which at a recent Easter break with friends was the court jester with its ham fisted errors – that’s right, we were laughing helplessly at how incredibly inept Apple’s flagship smartphone feature was – bad enough to have us feel the advertising was rather misleading in fact. The GPS and map function (google maps I think) did help us navigate out of the woods with the kids near Bats Castle, Dunster though which was nice with the compass ‘cone’ swinging away on the map and pointing us towards Dunster Castle which eventually emerged from the forest like a transylvanian vision :-)
    Come on Apple, piss or get off the pot.

  • mark

    Please apple do NOT go bigger than 4 inch it will look way too big and be huge to carry around in my pocket.
    I’d like to see the a5x chip, 12mpx dual flash camera, improved home screen and app icon background. Hd video recording with CMOS sensor. Battery life like iPad 2.

  • john

    I don’t want bigger screen.

  • Alvin Tan

    Why not bigger screen? It is good for people who likes reading any where any time. 3.5 inches is too small for reading ebook. It is very fast to make our eyes get tired. No ones bring iPad 24 hours with them, but a lot of people bring their mobile phone with them whole day even they sleep.

  • hans

    I hope apple won’t make the screen bigger than 4 inch cause it will be just ridiculous big to carry and who cares if samsung has bigger 4+ inch. 4 inch display is definitely a perfect size and I just want a good hardware.

  • Mc

    Don’t want the iPhone to get any bigger. 4″ screen max

  • aikon

    iPhone, schmiPhone…

  • sonnkid

    Screw that! I have a 4.3″ HTC Evo screen and I think it’s small compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S2 4.6″ screen. I don’t need a big screened tablet to lug around, but a 4.3+” screen is parfait! Do it Apple!

  • Chris Parker

    My HTC Thunderbolt’s 4.3″ screen is just barely big-enough to be useful for Web browsing and most other graphical tasks, and it’s not too big to carry around.
    There’s PLENTY of room for a 4.6″ screen on a reasonably-sized phone. The key is technology to make the screen cover nearly 100% of the face of the device. Apple CAN pack a 4.6″ screen onto a reasonably-sized device.
    If iPhone5 has a 4.5″+ screen, then I’ll buy one, regardless what it costs. If not, I’ll have to stick with Android, even though I REALLY WANT an iPhone.

  • grandb3rry

    There is simply no way Apple will go for display size bigger than 4″ inch. They will either stick to 3.5 or will up it to 3.8-4.0″ inch. Remember that Steve Jobs (god bless him) was against a bigger display on the iPhone whereas Tim Cook felt like it was time to upgrade it to a bigger size. I personally think it would be an overkill if they release an iPhone with 4″+ inch display. It would be very uncomfortable to carry around. Will see I guess when time comes!