iPhone 5 features topping rumors charts: NFC, iWallet to make it more desirable


    it is still sometimes away, nonetheless iPhone 5 features are topping rumors charts. LTE, NFC and iWallet will certainly make it more desirable

    iPhone 5 seems to have caught the fancy of the whole world. The incredible amount of media attention that it is attracting seems to be simply crazy given the fact that neither it has been launched in the market, nor is there any precise info forthcoming about its exact launch.

    All we have right now are rumors and more rumors. To be true, there is a steady dose of rumors emanating from Apple and its affiliates about how and what the next iPhone 5 should look like and what sorts of changes it will have. Though so far no Apple employee has gone to the extent of leaving a prototype behind in a café, we know almost everything that Apple may be changing or improving with the iPhone 5.

    To be true, the rumors are so much credible that many accessories’ manufacturers have already started showcasing their accessories that they are sure will match with what Apple is going to launch a few days or weeks later. At IFA 2012 many accessories have showcased their products including iPhone 5 cases to an Apple crazy crowd.

    Apple’s newest baby is reportedly coming not just with hardware changes, but equally important software improvements as well. iPhone 5 will reportedly come with LTE technology. With new LTE chips from Qualcomm now available, it’s a foregone conclusion that Apple will implement radio bands for 4G LTE in the iPhone ‘5’, given that Apple introduced the high-speed network on its new iPad, released March 16. Since LTE in tablets isn’t a feature users were breaking down doors for, its implementation was likely done as a “practice run.”

    Everyone seems to be wondering if Apple will integrate NFC chip on new iPhone? Some sources recently reported that there was no chance for such a move. Apple would depend on Bluetooth 4 and other options instead of NFC for data transfer and transactions. But, 9toMac has now come up with a fresh rumor that the device will certainly have NFC at least for an advanced payment system, which will compete with Google’s Wallet and Microsoft’s Wallet app for Windows Phone 8. “Further investigation into this hardware code dump leads us to believe that these iPhones also have Near Field Communication controllers directly connected to the Power Management Unit,” says 9to5Mac, which previously posted all hardware details about the potential iPhone 5. Hardware code for the new iPhone, as accessed by 9to5Mac analysts, simply revealed to them that the device would have NFC, the Apple gossip site claims. The NFC controller will come connected directly into the power management unit of the handset.

    The tech blog assumes that iOS 6’s new PassBook application would work on NFC. The app may not need NFC, however, recent reports suggest that Apple would make it run on NFC. The feature is set to become a threat for Google Wallet and Microsoft’s similar service that was launched last week with its new Windows Phone version. The payment system will work in style of Citibank’s PayPass system for credit card transactions. That is, you will be able to make transactions quite easier using the new iPhone.

    Another important feature of the new iPhon 5 is going to be iWallet. The new app named as Passbook, which is designed to keep all of your gift cards, coupons and tickets all in one place. With a simple flick, users can summon their Starbucks cards, loyalty cards, train tickets, plane tickets and sporting event tickets, too. While Passbook will work on every iOS device, Apple has reportedly been building an expansion of this software specifically for an NFC-capable iPhone. All these improvements are going to make the newest iPhone 5 all the more desirable for Apple fans.


    1. That’s certainly brings a sigh of relief if the new iPhone truly does come with NFC. Can you shoot me the link to the 9to5 article that cites that? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

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