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It is a completely new product and not a stripped down version of any old product. iPad Mini reviews are all praise for it. Here is also its specs analysis

Cupertino based technology giant Apple’s iPad Mini has been hogging the limelight for the last fortnight when it was announced. Another and far better product was announced during the same event, but not many people are talking about it as it came with minor updates from its previous version. iPad 4 launch has mostly gone unnoticed in the cacophony created by Apple’s iPad Mini.

Besides, Google has flooded many products in the market and with so many new and improved products people have been inundated with more and more offerings in a market that was completely dominated by Apple so far. Google not only introduced an improved version of its best selling 7 inch tablet Nexus 7, but also introduced a bigger 10 inch tablet that eclipses the retina display of Apple’s iPad in quality. It is for the first time that any producer of tablets has improved over Apple’s retina display and this is definitely going to impact the market of Apple tablets.

Google’s another product that is going to give a very tough fight to Apple is its latest Nexus 4 smart-phone. Google has got it manufactured by LG, the South Korean manufacturer and there are indications that Google would be mighty pleased with the product that has come out of the furnace.

But while Google gives tough fight to Apple products, The Cupertino based Apple has attacked the bastion of Google and Amazon by launching a smaller 7.85 inch tablet with far cheaper price tag than its normal iPads.

iPad Mini specs
Display size: 7.85-inch
Resolution: Impressive 1024×768, though no Retina Display resolution
Processor: Dual-core A5
Cameras: 5 mega pixel rear camera and 1.2 mega pixel front camera with 720p HD video
Storage: three options including 16GB, 32GB and 64GB
Battery backup: 10-hour
Connectivity:  Bluetooth 4.0, 4G LTE

Meanwhile Apple’s iPad Mini is attracting praise from almost all the top technology reviewers. The Verge’s Joshua Topolsky is all praise for the smaller version of the tablet. He says, “In fact, the iPhone 5 and the mini have a lot in common. They both share a metal housing (in silver or black) that’s lean and smooth, with that reflective, chamfered edge that runs around the border of the display. The iPad mini’s paint job is similar to the iPhone’s, but smoother, and on the black version I tested has a glint of blue and purple to it in certain light. It looks dangerous, and it feels great”.

Meanwhile Engadget’s Tim Stevens is effusive in his praise for the little tab from Apple that was being demanded by the tech fans across the world. He says that it is a completely new product and will prove a success in almost all parts of the world. “Apple wanted to be very clear at its product-packed iPad mini launch event that this isn’t just a shrunken-down iPad. And, indeed, that starts with a very different case design. While the second, third and fourth generations of iPads have all been more or less indistinguishable, the iPad mini’s anodized aluminum back looks entirely different. In fact, the whole thing looks a lot more like a blown-up fifth-generation iPod touch than a shrunken-down fourth-generation iPad”, says Tim Stevens.


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    I feel Samsung Note 2 is better than that. If some one can spend 25k in iPad mini , there are lots of other options lees than that price.