Apple’s next gen smaller tab to come with 2048 x 1536 resolution


    Rumors are spreading about the launch and the display quality of the Cupertino based Apple’s iPad Mini 2. It is the highest selling tablet right now in the market. Reports indicate that the ipad Mini 2 with retina display is set to be introduced in the market very early now as most people planning to go for a new iPad Mini version are not buying it and delaying its order. They think that if the all new iPad Mini with retina display comes within the next few weeks, then it was better to wait for it than to go for a tablet that clearly lacks a good quality display.

    This has drastically brought down the demand for iPad Mini, besides of course iPad 4 that is also expected to get a new version pretty soon. Cupertino based company’s next version of its regular iPad 4 will also be a lot better than its present iteration and will come with really great features.

    But then there are reports of an absolutely different kind that suggest that no new iPad Mini version will be launched in the market in the year 2013. A report that came earlier this month indicated that Retina iPad mini would not appear until the first quarter of 2014 before NPD DisplaySearch quickly issued a correction.

    People are also increasingly talking about the new iPad Mini 2 for multiple reasons. After seeing the sagging sales of iPad Mini, many market analysts have concluded that this is because of the fact that Apple is preparing to launch the new version of the tablet in the market. The excitement for the new iPad Mini version is clearly high as iPad Mini fans are awaiting the introduction of the Mini with retina display. The retina display in iPad Mini is going to substantially improve the sales figures of the Mini, making it more successful than even the current version. A report in AppleInsider says that Cirrus Logic, a leading chain supplier for Cupertino based Apple has said that the demand for iPad Mini is going down substantially. On the other hand, another report in Bloomberg suggested the downgraded revenue guidance issued recently by Apple contractor Pegatron. So this all add up to the fact that time of iPad Mini 2 launch is approaching fast.

    There are other reports coming from several other sources. A DigiTimes report says that Apple is reducing orders of iPad Mini to reinforce the supply and production of the iPad Mini 2 release during the summer or autumn. According to Digi Times’ industry sources close to Apple’s supply chain, Apple has planned to shrink orders of shipment of the iPad Mini in the second quarter of 2013. The reports explained, “Apple’s cut comes as it is adjusting its reserves for the next-generation iPad Mini, which is likely to be released in the third quarter, added the sources. However, the sources also noted that Apple’s cut is because of increased competition from various 7-inch Android tablets.” However, it should also be noted that, the US Patent and Trademark Office declined the registration of trademark for the Apple’s iPad Mini in January this year. The USPTO sent a mail to Apple in which the officer reviewing claimed that the word “Mini” is “merely a description” and the device is just a miniature version of Apple’s iPad tablet.

    Analysts suggest several improvements in the specifications of its next generation version. As far as specs in the next gen iPad version are concerned, the next iPad Mini 2 is expected to flaunt a HD Retina Display and IGZO screen that will run on the A6X processor along with a stylish Gorilla Glass 3. The iPad Mini 2 will also have the upgraded resolution to 2048X1536 pixels. Meanwhile, iPad 5 is expected to be priced between $399 and $499 when it launches, while the iPad Mini 2 may get further pricey at $329 due to its Retina Display. so if you are awaiting its arrival please be prepared to receive it in the near future.

    Regarding retina display there are several reports. Richard Shim, an analyst at NPD DisplaySearch says that the Retina iPad mini will adopt the same 2048 x 1536 resolution seen on the full-size iPad’s Retina display, albeit at a higher pixel density to fit the iPad mini’s smaller physical size. Maintaining consistent resolution across the iPad lineup allows developers to target a single screen size with their apps, simplifying their work. It is really very exciting and we are all ears for its arrival.


    1. “But then there are reports of an absolutely different kind that suggest that no new iPad Mini version will be launched in the market in the year 2013”
      It seems they are having troubles making a retina version of the mini. I will wait till 2014 for it to come to market however. Hopefully, it will have an option for 128GB and have a A7 processor and 2GB RAM on board too.
      It going be along wait! Maybe Febrauary 2014 for announcement and mid March 2014 to buy it!

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