iPad Mini 2 release date nears, iPad Mini falling demand biggest indicator


    Things may not be looking very bright for Cupertino based Apple, but future is indeed very bright. iPad Mini 2 release date is fast approaching  and iPad Mini’s falling demand is biggest indicator of its early arrival

    iPad Mini demand is going down and it is set to go down further as next generation iPad Mini’s release date comes close. The falling demand for Apple’s highest selling tablet is going to further put pressure on Apple’s performance at the Wall Street where its performance has been almost disastrous during the last several months.

    But the demand for the smaller Apple tablet is falling not because of the fact that they have started buying other tablets from numerous Android tablet manufacturers but because of the fact that the company is set to introduce next generation iPad Mini that is already being called iPad Mini 2.

    The next generation of the smaller Apple tablet is expected to be substantially improved than the current version. And one of the most import differences in the current and the forthcoming version of the smaller Apple tablet will be retina display in the new iPad Mini. The current version of iPad Mini looks ordinary due to the fact that the 8-inch tablet comes without Apple’s famed retina display. Now with other tablets are far lower prices are coming with better display quality than iPad Mini and this is certainly an issue of concern for the Cupertino based company’s fans.

    In the meantime more and more leaks are coming about the new version of iPad Mini. A report in MobiLeaks.nl says that the next iteration of the highest selling tablet in the market will be virtually of the same make as that of the original version though the slight redesign will leave the small tablet will less bezel while maintaining the 7.9-inch screen size. MobiLeaks.nl report also confirms that the Retina display is going to be the biggest difference between the older and newer version. The new iPad Mini iteration will come with 2048 x 1536 resolution and 324 pixel per inch.

    The anticipation for iPad Mini with retina display is pulling the demand down for the tab. A report in AppleInsider says that Cirrus Logic, a leading chain supplier for Cupertino based Apple has said that the demand for iPad Mini is going down substantially. On the other hand, another report in Bloomberg suggested the downgraded revenue guidance issued recently by Apple contractor Pegatron. So this all add up to the fact that time of iPad Mini 2 launch is approaching fast. Meanwhile a DigiTimes report says that Apple is reducing orders of iPad Mini to reinforce the supply and production of the iPad Mini 2 release during the summer or autumn. According to Digi Times’ industry sources close to Apple’s supply chain, Apple has planned to shrink orders of shipment of the iPad Mini in the second quarter of 2013. The reports explained, “Apple’s cut comes as it is adjusting its reserves for the next-generation iPad Mini, which is likely to be released in the third quarter, added the sources. However, the sources also noted that Apple’s cut is because of increased competition from various 7-inch Android tablets.” But the launch of iPad Mini 2 retina display will change it drastically.