iPad Mini 2: Release date extended due to component shortage


    Many reports suggest that the next generation iPad Mini 2 release date has been extended due to component shortage

    A huge amount of gossips is being baked up regarding iPad Mini 2 on web. It seems that the next version of the smaller iPad is to roll out sooner. Apple, as per various sources, is to churn out the device sometime mid or late this year. Rumor mills have produced loads of rumors over the device that got its premiere model in Oct. 2012 following surmounting rumors. Here is what all you should know about the iPad Mini 2 rumors. Get ahead, and enjoy our roundup of rumors on the next iPad Mini.

    Low-Cost iPad Mini 2
    It is the need of the hour. Apple should start availing its tiny iPad for sub-$199, the price level most of the leading Android 7-inch tablets lurk today. You can buy Google Nexus 7 for $199 (16GB) as well as Amazon Kindle Fire HD. These are two popular 7-inchers in market right now. Besides, you can get a variety of other devices from companies like Barnes & Noble, HP, Samsung and others for below $200.

    Sadly, the first generation iPad Mini was an exception. You need to spend more than $300 to get basic model of the device, the higher end models are more expensive. This time, there will be a change, says J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, who predicts that Apple would force its vendors to re-sale the next iPad Mini for something below $200.

    “In our view, 2013 will be important for the laggards because Apple’s iPad Mini, particularly when the second generation is launched, stands to drive other vendors to even lower price points,” says Moskowitz.

    Release Delayed Due to Component Shortage
    There is a report that iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5’s releases are delayed due to some component shortages with the company’s OEM partners. Taiwan-based mobile-industry tech blog DigiTimes has reported this, referring to some sources, who claimed as Apple’s suppliers of thin-film touch sensors. It means that the device would be delayed with the lack of enough components for its touch sensors.

    Actually, the time for the next iPad is yet to come. Apple used to update its iPad tablet (the 9.7-inch model) in April. So it is too early to say that the iPad Mini 2 is delayed. In the case of the smaller iPad, if Apple plans to complete one year before a second model, it will still take more than five months to get iPad Mini 2. Surely, everything is up to Apple that keeps a very strict privacy policy in releasing new products and upgrades.

    Apple iPad Mini 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8
    Even before its launch, Apple’s next iPad Mini has received a severe rival. It is coming from Apple’s archrival Samsung, which is the world’s best tech maker of Android devices. Well, the Note 8 is the company’s midsize tablet with many spectacular features including an S Pen digitizer like its phablet and large-screen tablet versions. The Note 8 is to tout a 1.6GHz quad core Cortex-A9 CPU (Exynos 4412), 2GB of RAM and Mali-400MP GPU.

    It is almost sure that Samsung will be selling the Note 8 for a price under $300. The Korean tech maker, which introduced the first midsize tablet with its Galaxy Tab 7 in 2010, will be Apple’s major rival in this segment also. Already, Samsung is a big rival to Apple in smartphone market with its Galaxy S line of phones. Anyway, it is sure that iPad Mini 2 will face some critical competitors in market this year.

    The new iPad mini is likely to come with a Retina display. Apple missed to add a Retina display with its original model, which was an unlucky move from the part of Apple. The original iPad also didn’t have a powerful CPU and better RAM. It is rumored that the device is to get a complete revamp with its second edition and will be a more effective one.