iPad 5 release expected in September


    Apple iPad 5, the forthcoming version of the highest selling tablet in the market is set to make its debut in the market pretty soon. Though the exact launch date remains a mystery all indications suggest its arrival as early as August or September. Though there are other reports that indicate towards earlier arrival in the world market, nonetheless any launch of iPad 5 in June or July looks untenable as of now. The company is also working towards launching several other new products to lift the company and its fans’ sagging morale in the eye of the mounting criticism from its opponents for the lack of invention and innovation in the Cupertino based technology giant.

    There are many reports doing the rounds about the possible improvements in the company’s top selling 10 inch tablet. But there are also concerns in the company that if it fails to improve the quality and not come true to people’s expectation, Apple’s existence at the top will be just a dream.

    The competition in the tablet market is becoming really fierce in the last few years and after remaining unchallenged at the top the company’s share of the tablet market is going down and down. Till mid 2012, the company enjoyed around fifty percent market share of the tablet market. But now it has gone down to around 40 percent. Samsung is playing catch up game pretty fast. The estimations followed a report in which it was clearly mentioned that two of the key products from Apple, iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini, are expected to register a 25-30 percent drop in the sales by second quarter of this year. The decline is majorly being attributed to the customers awaiting the arrival of its successors. The other major factor believed to be contributing towards the release of iPad 5 is that the rivals in the market including Samsung, Asus, Acer, HP and HTC are releasing new tablet devices this year.

    While speculations about specs are rather blurry, but there are reports that the 5th generation iPad will reportedly feature the same Retina display that was used in the previous generation iPad. However it will evidently make use of new manufacturing techniques to create a glass display that’s 0.2mm thinner that of today’s iPad 4. It is also being believed that the bezel around the iPad’s screen will decrease in size, though there are no exact indication of how smaller this new iPad’s bezel will be. New manufacturing techniques will include the use of just 1 layer of glass and two layers of ITO film. ITO or Indium Tin Oxide film is used in shielding glass and display panels from electromagnetic interference. The iPad 5 would also make use of just one LED light bar to light its display instead of the two that’s used on today’s iPad. The iPad 5 would also be 25-33 percent lighter than today’s iPad because of the new changes being incorporated. This will be done by altering the 3 cell battery with a 2 cell one.

    One important aspect that is going to see marked improvement is in the life of battery. There are rumours that Apple will also release an Inductive Smart Cover, containing its own battery, where you can plug-in your iPad, expanding its battery lifespan.  Supposed to have a A6X improved processor, the iPad 5 will be faster and more reliable, while consuming the battery slightly slower than the iPad 4. The price for iPad 5 is expected to be from $520 for the 16GB model and could hike up to $728 for the 128GB. Tech analysts have confirmed reports of  LG, Samsung and Sharp to be providing for the screens for the device, while other companies like Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology, Coretronic, Radiant Opto-Electronics and TPK Holding will provide different parts of the iPad’s display.