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Apple’s iPad 4 has apps in hundreds of thousands. But for Microsoft’s Surface RT lack of useful apps is proving to be the single biggest issue  

Finally there is great operating system that can compete well with Apple’s iOS for mobile devices. Microsoft’s Windows RT is specially designed for tablets. The best thing is that devices launched with the new OS compete well with Apple’s iPad, including its most recently introduced iteration iPad 4th generation.

Notwithstanding the fact that not many OEM partners are happy with Redmond-based Microsoft’s decision to manufacture its own tablets, people are full of praise for the tablet launched by the software giant. It is a very impressive product and people are simply loving it.

Though Microsoft lacks apps needed for a tablet as it has just launched its first tablet, things are going to be fine in the days to come. Many analysts say that Windows RT lacks the apps and the consistency of a fully formed tablets but when was the first tablet from any company launched with hundreds of thousands of apps. It will be insane to think of a new OS coming out in the open with hundreds of thousands of apps. Redmond based company is working hard and apps are pouring in thousands. Meanwhile Microsoft has announced that the company is expecting to have 100,000 apps in place for the tablet by January, whereas Apple has 275,000 iPad apps available now and its tablet also runs many more iPhone apps. So things are going to improve on this front.

Apple on the other hand is a dominant player in the market and has been a trend setter. Its recently introduced 4th version of iPad is receiving lots of praise from analysts. But unlike past when it didn’t face any credible threat of competition, there are several high quality tablets available in the market that are giving it tough competition. It is not just Microsoft’s Surface tablet, but Google’s recently introduced Nexus 10 besides ASUS’s Transformer Prime’s latest edition that are attracting buyers. But main competition in the market is going to be between Apple and Microsot. And this is going to intensify as Microsoft launches its more powerful Surface Pro tablet in the coming days.

When it comes to dimensions, Cupertino based Apple’s iPad 4th generation comes with the same dimensions as the its previous iteration and to be true, both the tablets come with almost similar thickness, but different length and width. One thing that has impressed reviewers in both the tabs is their build quality. Both the tablets come with very impressive build qualities and beautiful bodies. Surface comes with a dimension of 274.6mm, width of 172mm, and a depth of 9.4mm. On the other hand Surface tablet comes with dimensions of 241.2mm and a width of 185.7mm. Surface is bulkier compared to Apple’s iPad 4. While Surface weighs around 680 grams, iPad 4 weighs merely 652 grams.

Though now Apple’s Retina display has lost its charm as being the best display in the market with the arrival of Google’s Nexus 10 tablet that comes with a far better display than Apple’s Retina display, nonetheless for many people it is still the top display around. Apple’s latest iPad also comes with its impressive display from its previous iPad 3. It is such a delight to watch a video or a movie on the Retina display of iPad 4. It is simply a treat for eyes and its 9.7 inch screen looks crispier than anything else available in the market. Though Google’s latest 10 inch tablet improves over Retina Display, the results aren’t that impressive. iPad 4 comes with resolution of resolution at 2,048 x 1,536 pixels with 264 ppi. Compare it with Microsoft’s Surface tablet that comes with a brilliant 10.6 inch screen making it ideal to be used as ultrabook. But its display is certainly poorer than iPad 4 with resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels and 144 ppi. Both Surface and iPad 4 come with protection to their displays. While iPad comes with scratch-resistant Gorilla glass and oleophobic coating, Surface tablet comes with ClearType technology to protect the tablet from scratches. But to be true Surface tablet is great for reading and watching videos and movies as its ClearType gives it very sharp look.

Redmond based Microsoft’s latest or to be true, its first tablet comes loaded with Windows RT and it is very different from Windows 8, though it has Office, Excel and some other essential Windows features. For Windows fans these are such incredible features on a tablet that they cannot resist going for one of their own. On the other hand Apple’s iPad 4 functions on iOS 6. Cupertino based company says that it has added more than 200 new features to iOS 6, the latest upgrade of the OS. Meanwhile Microsoft’s Surface tablet comes with 1.3GHz Cortex-A9 CPUs that encase Nvidia’s superpower Tegra 3 T30 quad core chips. Giving support to the processor, Microsoft has slotted in ULP GeForce graphical processors and 2GB of RAMs. This makes the tablet lightening fast. On the other hand latest iPad version comes with improved A6X processor which Apple claims to be twice faster than A5X processor. It reportedly comes with 1GB RAM. So if you are a gaming enthusiasm you are more likely to fall for Surface tablet as it has more power than Apple’s latest iPad. But iPad 4 has some advantage in camera as it comes with 5 mega pixel rear camera while Surface tblet has only 1.2 mega pixel rear and front camera. But most people say they don’t really use rear camera for taking photos.

But Microsoft has been criticised by many analysts by keeping the tab underpowered. Sam Biddle of Gizmodo says that Surface despite having fantastic potential been kept underpowered by the company and the tablet lacked functionality. “While potential is worth your attention, it’s not worth your paycheck. Surface RT gets so many things right, and pulls so many good things together into one package. But it is undercooked”, he adds. Some have also said that Surface tablet is overpriced.


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  • Uncle Serene

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    It does not stop here, as you mature, it grows too for many many years to come.

    Hi, my name is Surface!

    RT is the fastest-growing baby sister using the power-saving ARM chips, and PRO the big sister based on the powerful Intel chips which will run all the existing Windows software plus the newly developed touch-friendly apps for Windows 8.

  • docroc

    It’s not only the lack of apps that’s a problem — it is the inability to SEE what apps exist unless you already own the SURFACE!!! Unlike Android and iOS, you can’t just browse the SURACE RT apps store with any old browser on any old operating system and see what’s in the store.

    I think this is either unbelievably short-sighted or a deliberate ploy to keep potential adopters from seeing how barren the store actually is.

    As a Windows user for many years, I am considering a tablet for mobile use, but can’t seriously contemplate the SURFACE (esp at it’s high price) without knowing what apps exist.

  • vlad

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