iPad 3 production begins, release expected in March


    Rumors about possible iPad 3 release have been doing the rounds for long. Meanwhile reports suggest that its production has started and release is expected in March

    Apple iPad 3 rumors got a new thrust with DigiTimes’ report that LG Display and Sharp have begun shipping display panels for the new iPad. The Taiwanese tech blog has reported that Apple has picked LG and Sharp as the suppliers of 9.7-inch QXGA (2048 x 1,536) panels for its next generation iPad 3. Both companies have shipped 1 million panels in the fourth quarter of 2011, DigiTimes says referring to the sources related with Apple’s Taiwan-based supply chain.

    For iPad 3, Apple will exceed the shipments of XGA panels used in iPad 2 in the second quarter of the year. Display makers will ship 6.0 to 7.0 million panels in the first quarter. In the third quarter, there will an additional 10 million shipments, DigiTimes says. It is quite clear that Apple is in intense efforts to meet the potential demand for its next gen iPads from both domestic and global markets.

    “There was apparently 1 million shipped in Q4 2011 and there is set to be 6 – 7 million of the QXGA panels shipped in the first quarter of 2012, rising to 10 million in Q2 2012. In comparison, there were 10 million shipments of 1024 x 768 displays for the iPad 2 in Q4 2011 and there will be 7 – 8 million delivered in Q1 2012,” says Paul Lamkin of Pocket-lint.

    iPad 3 release date
    The tech world is abuzz with rumors over Apple iPad 3’s release date. As per Apple’s annual iPad release pattern, the company may likely bring out the next iPad in March or April this year. But there are no confirmed reports from the part of Apple; never can one expect it until Apple is to officially unveil the device. Apple keeps up all info about its new products under cover. Of course, most of the time rumor mills fail in front of Apple with their machinations.

    Different news sources have speculated various dates for iPad 3’s release. DigiTimes once reported that it would happen much earlier at the MacWorld conference on January 26, 2012. Later, the tech blog said it would happen in March only. Meanwhile, iLounge also reported that iPad 3 would come in March, the month we witnessed the arrival of iPad 2 in 2011.

    Possible iPad 3 features
    What new things we can expect on Apple’s flagship iPad tablet’s next edition? There may be many. But it is almost sure that Apple will not bring lots of changes on the display panel of iPad 3. It may be the same 9.7-inch display we have seen on iPad 2. However, Apple may bring up some drastic changes in processing speed, connectivity and other aspects of iPad 3. The device may get NVIDIA’s high performance Tegra 3 quad core processor.  Sources further reveal that iPad 3 will be thinner and lighter than its predecessor.

    Will iPad 2 stick around?
    When Apple launched iPad 2, iPad original was withdrawn from stores. But according to some sources including iLounge and DigiTimes, iPad 2 will continue on shelves even after the launch of the new iPad 3. Both iLounge and DigiTimes say that iPad 2 will be available for $399 even after iPad 3 is there.

    “Currently, the non-Apple camp is maneuvering in the US$199-399 range. If Apple drops its iPad price to US$299, it could seriously affect the non-Apple camp’s pricing strategy and even Amazon’s Kindle could also be affected,” says DigiTimes Research.

    iPad mini
    Meanwhile, rumors over an iPad mini have weakened. It was rumored that Apple will bring out a small 7-inch iPad late this year. But there has been no strength to the iPad mini rumors for last several weeks. Anyway, there are better chances Apple may work on a small iPad to compete with Amazon Kindle Fire and a horde of new 7-inchers.

    iPad 4
    Months after iPad 3, Apple may launch an iPad 4, breaks up DigiTimes.

    “Apple will ship the so-called “iPad 3” with a full HD display in March and then “iPad 4” – named so by its component suppliers – with killer applications in October, according to industry sources in Taiwan.”

    But, being Apple fans and familiar with Apple’s habits, the only thing we can do is to wait until the company calls in a press event for a new product at its HQ in California.


    1. I want to wait for ipad4 since it will be followed by 3 in 7months, the question remains, how long before 5 or 6 hits the market…..

    2. I plan to wait for ipad4 since it follows ipad3 7 months later.
      But then i wonder how long before 5 or 6 hits the market.

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