iPad 3 launch in March with new features


    Many longtime Apple watchers predict iPad 3 launch in March. They also expect to have 8MP camera, retina display and quad core processor

    The air is thick with speculations about the imminent launch of the next generation iPad 3 in the next few weeks. Reports suggest that the launch may be as early as last week of February or the first week of March. But nothing about Apple products’ launch is sure till they actually launch it in the market.

    Apple is expected to sell close to 40 million units of its hot selling tablet in the next one year and the demand may go up substantially if Apple rolls out its next generation tablets soon. Many people are awaiting the launch of the new iPad from Cupertino based tech giant and are delaying purchase of the existing version of the tablet.

    One thing that has been confirmed by the biggest tech company in the world is the fact that it will not phase out iPad 2 after the launch of the next gen iPad. Instead, it will lower the price of the existing tablet and sell the new tablet on existing price slab. Along with the iPad 3 rumors, we recently have some rumors over the arrival of a new mid range iPad with a 7.85-inch display for late next year. Well, Apple is finally to hop into the crazy small tablet market with an outstanding iPad Mini.

    There are many rumors doing the rounds about the design and specifications of the forthcoming iPad 3. Reports suggest that the new iPad 3 will get a completely new design. However, there is no clue from the side of Apple on the upcoming iPads. As per the company’s tradition, we won’t have any such clues until the device is announced in a press meet in its headquarters in Cupertino. Anyway, here we go through the features the new iPad 3 and iPad Mini are rumored to have.

    The new tablet is going to see a complete transformation from processor to display and even camera and so the excitement is higher than the launch of iPad 2. Many new capabilities and features are expected to land on the new iPad. As per some sources, the new iPad will have an entirely fresh shape and design. TVC-Mall, a Chinese parts retailer has posted a video that indicates some possible changes on iPad 3. According to Cydia Blog’s Mike, the video shows the new iPad will have a major re-design. “The tail end of the part makes a “U-turn”, whereas the iPad 2′s Microphone Mic Flex Cable makes almost 90-degree turn both ways. Except for few details, the leaked part so far doesn’t offer a tantalizing tease,” writes Mr. Mike on the jailbreak blog explaining the video posted by the Chinese retailer. It simply means we are to get a totally overhauled iPad version next year.

    Though we are still not sure, but we cannot simply rule out one thing. And this will make the new tablet very enticing for tech nerds. Apple may not wait any further to integrate a quad core processor in its new iPad, more so at the time when ASUS Transformer Prime has already got NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processors.  This will make the iPad 3 truly fast.

    There are reports that the new iPad will be 4G LTE tablet. A report says thus, “The iPad 3 will also incorporate Long Term Evolution (LTE), a faster wireless broadband technology designed to support roaming internet access. Apple feels safe with putting this service on the iPad instead of the iPhone (for now) because the service by its nature is a battery hog. The 11-hour iPad battery can better tolerate the power drain. The payoff is a faster Internet connection that will better leverage the iCloud. If the connection is fast enough it will give users the feel of local storage”.

    There are several important features that the new iPad will possibly have besides above mentioned features. One is retina display. Digitimes says that Apple is planning on some sort of higher resolution display for the next iPad, possibly of the same quality as the Retina Display currently available in later-model iPhones. One more important upgrade in the new tablet will have is camera. The iPhone 4S features an 8-megapixel camera, which could also find its way into the iPad 3. ASUS Transformer Prime already has this and so why not iPad 3. Reports also suggest that the Apple may debut a more powerful chip.


    1. I really, really want an IPad in a bad way! I’m glad to hear about the Ipad3 coming out soon, but don’t want to wait that long. I’m wondering how far down in price will the regular IPad come??? That’ll determine if I wait!

    2. As with the previous version of the iPad Apple will most likely drop the price only a hundred dollars.

    3. LTE? Apple’s finally releasing iOS to source? If not google isn’t giving them LTE.

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