iPad 3, iPad mini, iPhone 5 most awaited Apple products of 2012


    Three products are being awaited with great anticipation. iPad 3, iPad mini and iPhone 5 are most awaited Apple products of 2012

    The year 2011 was an eventful year for Apple. Though black-marked by the gloomy demise of the Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, the Cupertino tech giant made many great advances in commercial and technological fronts in the last 12 months. We found the arrival of some of the best technologies and services ever from Apple. The list includes iOS 5, Siri voice recognition app, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, iPad 2, iPhone 4S, Intel Core i-Series CPU powered Macs and many others.

    What will be this year’s specials from Apple? Of course, the 2012 will also surface a pack of great products out of Apple’s furnaces. Indeed, people are anxiously awaiting the launch of iPhone 5, iPad 3 and many other products from Apple.

    iPad 3
    Quite reasonably, we can expect an iPad 3 from Apple this year, and within a few months. The successor to its iPad 2 will be coming within the next three or four months.. If grapevines could be trusted, (often stupid stuffs in case of Apple products) the new iPad will seriously pack a punch with an A6 quad core processor and Siri personal assistant app. There will be a whopping 1536 x 2048 pixel screen with 330-dpi on the new iPad. An entirely new design and thinness can also be expected.

    iPad mini
    The DigiTimes’ rumor regarding a small 7-inch iPad mini still rocks the web. Apple will most likely roll out a small version of its iPad in competition to Amazon Kindle Fire and other 7-inch tablets. As per rumor mills, Apple is reportedly researching on a small iPad for late this year.

    iPhone 5
    The iPhone 5 will surely be a reality this year. The tech world rumored about the iPhone 5 last year. But Apple just brought out a slight upgrade to iPhone 4 (in the form of iPhone 4S). Now, we can probably look for an iPhone 5 with a 4-inch display, iOS 6, revamped Siri app, a quad core A6 processor, NFC and many other features.

    New MacBook Airs
    It is certain that Apple will come up with more classy, subtle and slimmer versions of its MacBook Airs this year. As the Ultrabook war has turned more intense, Apple should make its MacBook Air far glossier and better performing. Of course, we can expect Apple will work out new versions of MacBook Airs fixing all deficits of the present models compared with the new line of glitzy Windows-based Ultrabooks.

    Enhanced iCloud
    Apple iCloud has revolutionized cloud computing on handsets. Lunched with its iOS 5 update, iCloud helps users automatically push data from any Apple device to the cloud servers. This year, Apple may address all shortcomings of iCloud and will make it more efficient.

    Apple TV
    Rumor mills predict an improved Apple TV this year. Some believe that the company will integrate App Store, iCloud support and some Siri attributes with the Apple TV. Some analysts even light into the chances for a renaming of Apple TV to iTV in the typical Apple style.

    iOS 6
    Apple traditionally rolls out an upgrade to its iOS mobile operating system every year. Last year, we had iOS 5; there will certainly be an iOS 6 this year. The new version of iOS will be up with many cutting edge features. Of course, the new iPhone 5 will land in with iOS 6 as the firmware.

    Revamped Siri
    Siri is one of the most successful features of iPhone 4S. Indeed, fueled by its success, Apple will be updating the voice recognition app with many new features and bug fixes. Apple will certainly look for a technological evolution for Siri app. There might be support for more languages, colloquial phrases and others. Maybe, Siri will be extended to iPad and iPod also this year.

    It is almost certain that Apple can continue its dominance in tech market this year as well. With advanced upgrades for its key products, the Cupertino tech innovator can remain a top player in smartphone, tablet and Ultrabook markets.


    1. I heard that apple would do away with the optical drives on the MacBook Pro’s as well we should expect retina display for this series in 2012. What about MacBook Pro’s? …should we expect something?

    2. And it will be funny how the “monster” release of the iphone 4s sucked half of the potential iphone 5 buyers up already leaving you wondering how the new release will be “monster”. Iphone 4s owners will be trying to pawn off their 6 month old phone to buy the new one.

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