iPad 2, iPhone 4S jailbreak: windows users too get unlock


    So the Windows users too have finally something to cheer about the jailbreak of iPhone 4S and iPad 2 with Absinthe application that was launched just two days ago by pod2g and Chronic Dev Team.

    The jailbreak seems to be perfect this time and from Time Magazine to Los Angeles Times besides every big and small news organization has said that it was pretty safe to use it and get free from the clutches of Apple that wants to confine its users to iTunes. By jailbreaking, a user is able to explore a lot more new applications that are not part of Apple’s iTunes.

    The demand for the jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 seems really high as it has taken the popularity of the website greenpois0n.com to a new high within a few days after its launch. The website that was ranked around 35000 on Alexa.com that ranks websites across the world shows its yesterday’s rank as high as 1000th most popular website across the world.

    Many people who really don’t know the advantages of jailbreaking their iOS devices wonder the rush to hack their expensive gadgets that also voids their warranties. Time Magazine while talking about the need to jailbreak the Apple devices says, “Why jailbreak? Your main reason would be to access apps or capabilities that Apple has not allowed. Plenty of useful apps have relocated to jailbreak app repositories after being kicked out of the iPhone App Store. Jailbreaking gives you the freedom to install them”.

    But the jailbreaking A5 chip for the Chronic Dev Team was not like a walk in the park. It was really very difficult for the jailbreak experts. Chronic Dev Team on its website while admitting the difficulties faced by them in accomplishing the task says, “…I don’t know if any iOS hacker anticipated how much the A5 chip would completely change the game & up the stakes. The endless war we fight to jailbreak has become more & more difficult with each new device released, and our recent battle against A5 only proved this further.”

    There is step by step guide on how to jailbreak your A5 devices using the latest jailbreak using your Windows computer. First you need to download CLI 0.4.3 or later version, then extract it to the root of your hard drive, then a user willing to hack the device needs to connect his or her device to the computer on which the user has downloaded CLI 0.4.3 or later version. Later he or she needs to go to “Start” menu and search for “cmd” and then select as administrator. Then he needs to execute “cinject_0.4.3” in order to download the directory of the cinject_0.4.3 folder.

    Now you need to write “cinject -i payloads/jailbreak.mobileconfig” and execute this command. It will cause Install Profile to appear on your A5 devices. You will be required to press “Install” followed by ‘Install Now’. Now you will come across a page that will show ‘Enter Password’, please just press next. Now write in “cinject -j payloads” and “cinject -w”, respectively, and execute these commands. Now go to setting on your iPad 2 or Phone 4S, Network > VPN, toggle VPN setting on. Here “A configuration error occurred’ will appear. Your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 will reboot and Cydia icon will appear there.

    The task is accomplished and the device is finally jailbroken. But I would suggest that you should thank the Chronic Team and its members who really toiled hard to make it reality for millions of the A5 devices owners across the world. The hackers whose real name is not known and who are known by their pseudonyms include posixninja, pod2g, nikias and planetbeing.