BY | October 8, 2011

iOS 5 release date has come very close. Meanwhile another next gen Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich from Google is set to be released soon. Can it compete with iOS 5

Apple iOS 5 release date is very close now. Reports suggest that Apple’s latest smart phone operating system will be released to the general public on this coming October 12. This is going to further improve the functioning of Apple products including iPhones, iPads3 and iPods.

But if you are under the impression that only iPhone 4S will use iOS 5 you are mistaken. iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS will also see their functioning improved to an all new level.

Earlier Cupertino based tech giant Apple used to launch its new iOS version on an upgraded iPhone. But this time the operating system and the new smart phone both got delayed. And what we got in the end was just an improved version of iPhone 4 and not a redesigned and more improved iPhone 5 that was being hoped by Apple fans.

There are multiple reasons that make iOS 5’s arrival more enthusing for technology geeks. First of all, it is one of major iOS updates after the smartphone market turned more aggressive with Google Android’s thrive in global markets. Read below some other reasons that put iOS 5’s arrival a matter of frenzy among technology buffs.

At WWDC 2011, along with iOS 5, Apple also announced iCloud, the company’s much-touted cloud-based media service. Apple iCloud is meant to push the data from all iDevices and Macs to cloud servers automatically. That means iCloud users (the service is free for limited data) can access their contents from anywhere, from any Apple devices in the world.

Apple iOS is really going to face huge challenges from the advanced versions of Google Android and Microsoft Windows. This fall, as per reports, Google will release its next major Android update Ice Cream Sandwich and Microsoft will float up its next Windows update Windows 8. Therefore, Apple enthusiasts look forward for iOS 5 with huge excitement. Of course, iOS 5 should be more solid and powerful platform, because it has to take on two muscular rivals in the ground. Things may not go that simple for iOS in the coming days.


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