BY | April 15, 2012

Intel Ivy Bridge and MacBook Pro 2012 are making headlines everywhere. Apple has just brought us the new iPad in the first half of March, 2012. Now it is time we can begin debates over the new MacBook Pro, Apple’s famous portable laptop computer. Last year, Apple surfaced its reworked MacBook Pro in October. That doesn’t mean we will have to wait that long this time too. As per rumors , Apple is about to roll out the 2012 upgrade of MacBook Pro as early as in May or June.

Whether this release date prediction makes any sense or not, it is certain that we can expect a major upgrade for the MacBook Pro. Initially launched in 2006, MacBook Pro is now one of Apple’s first-rate products. Not to mention, the finest attraction of the 2012 Pro will be its revamped processor, the new Intel Ivy Bridge chips. Here are some interesting things that relate the potential MacBook Pr 2012 with the Ivy Bridge processor.

Maybe, the first device to get Ivy Bridge
Yes, rumors predict that a 15-inch version of MacBook Pro will be the first device to get Intel Ivy Bridge. The chip maker is set to uncover its much-anticipated third generation processor this month or early next month. A big variety of computers has already been announced by various tech makers to run on Ivy Bridge. Although, the new MacBook Pro may kick off the Ivy Bridge chips, various supplier sources report.

According to The Verge, Apple is ready to start shipping 200,000 units of the new 15-inch MacBook Pro in April. 13-inch models are expected to arrive in June and the 17-inch models late this year.

To bring Retina Display
Intel has recently hinted that its next Ivy Bridge chips will support Apple’s Retina Display-esque higher resolution screens. Speaking at Intel Developers Forum in China, the company executive Kirk Skauge revealed that its new chip will support high-res displays. Compared to the current Sandy Bridge chips, the new chips will provide around 70 percent better image clarity, he added. The new processor technology will add three new screens like DirectX 11, OpenCL 1.1 and OpenGL 3.1 for improved performance.

Intel Ivy Bridge is certainly to make over the whole performance and screen clarity of the devices. Intel has suggested OEMs to build products with high clarity screens. The new chips will be capable to offer 2560 x 1440 pixels to 10-inch tablets, 2560 x 1440 pixels to 11-inch Ultrabooks, 2800 x 1800 pixels to 13-inch Ultrabooks, 3840 x 2160 pixels to 15-inch laptops and 3840 x 2160 pixels to big all-in-one computers. The figures clearly show that Ivy Bridge will overwhelm not only its predecessor chips, but the entire industry.

Reports suggest say that Apple is seriously working toward introducing its Retina Display to the new MacBook Pro. The company has just embedded the high-res display technology on its new iPad and has hinted chances for its introduction on more of its products. As per the industry sources, it is almost certain that Apple will take advantage  of Ivy Bridge’s support for high clarity displays and will launch Retina Display on its flagship laptops too.

Faster, powerful and robust
Almost all notable features of Ivy Bridge will appear on the new MacBook Pro as well. It will perform several times better than its current version and will have a load of rich features. Thanks to the tri-gate transistor technology, the power consumption will be several times down. The new processor will support RAM up to 2800 MT/s in 200 MHz increments. There will be increased graphical performance thanks to DirectX 11, OpenGL 3.1 and OpenCL 1.1 support. In addition, the integrated graphical processor will have up to 16 execution units (EUs), which is 12 EUs with the Sandy Bridge. Above all, multiple 4K video playback will also enrich your experience with the MacBook Pro. Indeed, let us wait for the arrival of Ivy Bridge boosting up the performance of the much-awaited MacBook Pro.


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  • Paul

    Can’t wait, hopefully early may. The wait is killing me already

  • Lindsey

    I can’t wait either! I was about to buy a new MacBook to replace my ’05 PowerBook (I just can’t stand it anymore), but what’s another couple of months when it’s been seven years? I’ve also heard they will do away with the optical drive with the new version. That’s a little scary, but I really can’t remember the last time I used mine!

  • Paul

    ^^ No way Lindsay?!! You and me both! I have a 2005 PowerBook just about on its last legs. They go good, this one gave me 7 years of dedicated performance. Time for an upgrade…

  • ann

    OMG.. do i need to wait till late this year for getting the 17”..!! :(

  • Ron in Santa Fe

    My much-loved MacBook pro will no longer open Office applications and Safari crashes every 10 minutes. The machine no longer recognizes its keyboard or trackpad (I’m using a wireless keyboard and USB mouse) and it runs at about the temperature of a hot plate.

    Though I desperately need a new computer, I will hobble along (with the aid of the overrated iPad) until the new MacBook Pro arrives.

  • Jeremy

    I’m looking to update my 2008 Macbook Pro. I’m hoping these come out soon!

  • Russell

    I can’t wait either I was going to buy a MB air as my first Mac laptop but now that a retina display ivy bridge mb is imminent I’m totally holding off. Excitement is an understatement!

  • Test

    I just used my optical drive.

  • David

    “Almost all notable features of Ivy Bridge will appear on the new MacBook Pro as well. It will perform several times better than its current version and will have a load of rich features. Thanks to the tri-gate transistor technology, the power consumption will be several times down.”

    No, no it won’t be “several times better”, it’ll be a few percent better at most than the current versions (Sandy Bridge), with a modest reduction in power consumption. This is well known information. No new processor has been “several times better” nor had “several times down” power consumption over it’s predecessor.

  • Tj

    Will they keep the dedicated graphics system ?

  • Geraint Krumpe

    I need one asap. Please Apple, include touchscreen capability as well!

  • Donovan

    If they get rid of the optical drive and it only has 64GB like the air, OR if they don’t have dedicated graphics for at least the 15 inch model, then I will consider buying a PC as a replacement for my 08′ macbook. I want to play games and not have to deal with windows and it’s problems, but i’ll have no trouble getting an HP since i’m done with college.

  • steve

    Im waiting for the release so i can get a big discount on the old model

  • Joiness

    @ Paul:
    It´s killing me too.
    I want one now!!!

  • brian

    @ Paul and @ Lindsey. Mine PowerBook is 05 too and it is making a lot of noise. It takes more than 5 minutes to launch and download emails from Entourage every time I turn it on. My safari will crash if I go to web page that full of flash coding. It’s time to upgrade and I can’t wait.