Indians shopping through their smartphones, e-commerce expanding

Indians shopping through their smartphones, e-commerce expanding

Indians shopping through their smartphones, e-commerce expanding

As the smartphone penetration increases in the Indian market, more people are going on the internet through their smartphones. It is needless to say that when e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon are giving special discounts to people if they buy through their smartphone apps, why people wouldn’t ditch their PCs and computers for the ever present smartphone that almost everyone seems to have.

Merely in the last quarter Indian market saw shipping of as many as 22 million smartphones. This is a massive number and shows as to how people are falling for these devices in their droves. While Indian market is basically for low cost and entry level handsets, nonetheless all these Android run handsets do all the things that high-end devices do. So a person using a smartphone worth just Rs 4000 can also do shopping from these shopping sites the same way the owner of Apple’s iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, or for that matter Samsung’s most recent smartphones Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge.

flipkart_big_billionMUMBAI: Mobile commerce is likely to overtake e-commerce in the next few years, spurred by the continued uptrend in online shopping and increasing use of mobile apps, says an industry report.

A latest KPMG report while talking about the new tendency says, “It is estimated that the mobile app download would grow six-fold by the end of this year to 9 billion apps”. It went on to say that India has become the fastest growing mobile app market in both 2014 and 2013. It must be emphasized that the South Asian nation contributed to 7% of the global app downloads, ranking fourth behind Indonesia, China and the US, the report said.

The report while detailing the development says, “With online shopping platforms seeing an impressive growth in the number of transactions executed through mobile apps, it is not surprising that major e-commerce portals are contemplating discontinuing their full-version websites altogether, to focus solely on the mobile platform”. The report said that with several such avenues opening up, marketers, content creators and advertisers are expected to continue working towards new and more innovative ways to reach out to their target audience.

Meanwhile the report says that it is something unique that companies are finding it difficult to encourage users to switch to paid versions. This has been a critical challenge, said the report. “As much as 90% of the apps downloaded in the country are free,” noted the report, adding nearly 98% of Google Play’s global revenue from apps and games is coming from the ‘freemium’ apps.

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