April Fools day 2015 quotes jokes, April Fools day is celebrated

April Fools day 2015 quotes jokes, April Fools day is celebrated

Indiana Right to Life website faces hack, DoS attack

The Indiana Right to Life has been offline following severe attack targeting the website’s servers. Right now the website administrators are reportedly working to get back online after an attack on its website took it down.

The attack has been so severe that despite all efforts from the website administrators they were unable to ensure its continuance uptime and stop it from repeatedly going down. In a new release it was told that the attack from unknown hackers came a few days after the State of Indiana’s website faced hackers’ attack.

Reports suggest that people behind Indiana Right to Life website believe that its support for Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act may be a reason for the attack.

barnaby jack hackerThough it is not very clear as to who was behind the attack, website managers said that a Twitter user actually claimed responsibility for the attack. The most amazing aspect of this assertion is the fact that he used the same hashtag that the apparent hacker who disrupted Indiana’s state website on March 27 used.

Meanwhile Mike Michter President and CEO of Indiana Right to Life said that the attack on the website is cowardly. He said, “We face bitter opposition to our work protecting the unborn every day, but most who oppose our mission do so in the open,” Fichter said. “We have been exercising our freedom of speech as we support the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which is an important safeguard for pro-life Hoosiers against government directives supporting abortion. This attack appears to be in retaliation for that support. It’s disappointing that the level of discourse has been lowered by a party wishing to silence our voice.”

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