India Post Commemorates India-Africa Forum-Summit

India Post Commemorates India-Africa Forum-Summit

New Delhi: India Post is issuing a commemorative postage stamp on India-Africa Forum-Summit. The stamp is being released by the Prime Minister of India today in the capital city of Addis Ababa in Ethopia in the presence of several African Heads of States / Government.

On the sidelines of the Summit several concurrent events are also being organized including academic symposia, editors’ conference; trade fair, cultural events showcasing Indian and African culture; a film festival; and release of a commemorative stamp.

India’s historical relationship with Africa has been revitalized keeping in view functional co-operation in the 21st century. India’s political support for Africa has been augmented by closer economic co-operation including economic assistance, functional co-operation, soft loans and private sector investment.

In April 2008, India hosted the First India-Africa Forum Summit in Delhi. This summit built upon the foundations of the historical relationship that existed between India and Africa, and designed a new architecture for a structured engagement, interaction and co-operation between India and Africa in the 21st century. The summit celebrated friendship and renewed our commitment to Africa. The historic documents, the Delhi Declaration and the India-Africa Framework for co-operation adopted at the end of the summit now serve as the contours for one systematic engagement with Africa in the coming years.

In order to continue and enhance the systematic engagement with Africa in the coming years, second India-Africa Forum Summit is being organized in Addis-Ababa during 24-25 May 2011. This is for the first time that a meeting between India and its African partners at the level of Heads of State/Government is being organized in Africa.

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