India asks US to monitor arms supply to Pakistan


    New Delhi (ANI): India has conveyed to the US its concern over the misuse of American arms aid by Pakistan.

    During his meeting with the US Joint Chief of Staff Committee Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen here on Friday, Defence Minister A. K. Antony suggested that America needs to set up a monitoring mechanism to ensure that the arms it”s giving to Pakistan to combat terrorism is not diverted and used against India.

    In a 45-minute meeting at South Block, Antony also expressed his apprehensions that American arms aid was disproportionate to the war on terror for which it was meant.

    US military supplies to Pakistan in 2010 were expected to be over the 300 million dollars that they have grossed annually.

    Among the supplies are F-16 Fighting Falcon combat aircraft. Most of the hardware that the US is supplying to Pakistan is classified but the list is known to include Harpoon missiles, heavy artillery guns and helicopter gunships. (ANI)