Immigration reform news 2015: Lindsey Graham best bet among Republicans for White House 2016

Immigration reform news 2015: Lindsey Graham best bet among Republicans for White House 2016

Immigration reform news 2015: Lindsey Graham best bet among Republicans for White House 2016

There are so many Republican leaders hoping to make it to White House, that it seems every second leader in GOP is eager to announce his candidacy for the US presidential election 2016.

The most recent entrant into the fray is Lindsey Graham who has also jumped into the fray hoping to become the next president of United States of America. Now there are reasons to believe that he is the only Republican candidate who is going to be taken seriously by many not just in his own party but among a section that has become increasingly opposed to the Republicans, namely Latino voters.

He is probably the one and the only candidate from more than a dozen Republican leaders who have announced candidacy for White House 2016 to have come out openly in support of a comprehensive legislative solution to reform the nation’s immigration laws.

Lindsey GrahamLindsay Graham has something to show to people who try to paint every Republican in the same color. He was among very few GOP leaders who helped spearhead the reform effort in the Senate in 2013 as part of the “gang of eight,” which included fellow Republican candidate and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio.

To be true there is a whole lot of difference between Sen. Marco Rubio and Lindsay Graham. It is well known fact that Rubio has almost completely changed his position after coming under fire from conservatives, Graham has continued to support a similar, comprehensive approach and has always defended the process to anyone who questions it.

America’s Voice’s Frank Sharry while talking about Graham and his instance on immigration reform says, “The future of the GOP is at risk…And he’s carrying the mine, saying, ‘Hey, fellas. We’re going to get our clocks cleaned unless we get right on this issue…It’s a sharp contrast to Marco Rubio, who has been running away from it ever since…It’s an act of betrayal to immigrants and their allies, and raises character questions for all voters.”

Now even Republicans believe that they have been making all the wrong moves as far as immigration reform is concerned. They believe that antagonizing Latinos will make their White House dreams remain nothing but dreams. Alfonso Aguilar, a former Bush administration official who’s now the executive director of the American Principles Project’s Latino Partnership, believes that by completely ignoring immigration reform puts a question mark over the party’s future. He fears Republicans may only accept the reality on immigration reform after the growing electorate of Latinos moves further and further away from the party. “The question is, when are Republicans going to get it? Is it going to be sooner or later…Are we going to have to lose a couple of presidential elections to understand that? I’m hoping that we can learn that lesson soon” he goes on to add.

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