Immigration reform news 2015: 5 million people’s lives at stake as Obama executive order threatened

Immigration reform news 2015: 5 million people’s lives at stake as Obama executive order threatened

Immigration reform news 2015: 5 million people’s lives at stake as Obama executive order threatened

Will Republicans ever become serious for immigration reform? Their opposition to President Barack Obama’s immigration reform seems more aimed at personal animosity towards him, than their opposition to immigration reform.

They have said time and again they will implement immigration reform, but when it comes to taking action they turn against it. This happened in the year 2013 when Republican leaders on numerous occasions said that they will not kill the immigration reform legislation. Despite being passed in the Senate they killed it later as they never actually allowed it to be taken up for discussion in the Congress.

Though Republicans are trying their best to stop any sort of immigration reform in the US –they got injunction against Obama executive order from a US court – some are tilting in favor of immigration reform. Many business personalities from the Illinois Business Immigration Coalition and Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago brought together moderate Republicans to promise to work toward immigration reform in Washington.

To be true it was a great occasion as many top Republican figures attended the meeting promised to work towards immigration reform. The Republican figures who attended the meeting included Gov. Bruce Rauner, Sen. Mark S. Kirk, and Reps. Robert J. Dold, Adam Kinzinger and Aaron Schock.

But there are very few sane voices among Republicans as far as immigration reforms are concerned. They are trying to find new ways to choke the immigration reform plan of President Obama. Obama’s executive order was expected to benefit at least five millions of the eleven million immigrants. Now Republicans have tried to ensure that they are able to torpedo the executive order and flop this initiative too. A report says that GOP has figured out a way to undermine President Barack Obama’s executive order. The same report goes on to say that Republicans in Congress will demand to keep those Latino immigrants from becoming retroactively eligible to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit.

There are credible reports that Republicans have detailed plans about it. A report that has come out through nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation suggests that the Republican-sponsored legislation law may help the government save as much as $2.1 billion. Though Republican officials deny that the legislation is aimed at illegal immigrants, but this seems to be the sole reason. Republican Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa, the lead author of the bill says that it “is not meant to be part of the immigration debate.” As reported in USA Today, Grassley said, “It’s just part of correcting what the president has put in place when he legalized people through his November action.”

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