Immigration reform 2015: Obama executive order may impact Indian H-1B holders

Immigration reform 2015: Obama executive order may impact Indian H-1B holders

Immigration reform 2015: Obama executive order may impact Indian H-1B holders

Immigration reforms 2015 seem to be something unachievable now. While President Obama’s executive order had given hope to around five million undocumented immigrants of getting long-term benefits, eventually leading to full nationality, their hopes are shattered.

Instead of any sort of relief, these five million people are now fearful of eventual deportation from the US. Their hopes of getting that eluding US citizenship may end up in complete shock for them, a shock that will be very tough to manage. An appellate court has turned down the US government’s appeal for giving relief in Obama’s executive order. Now President Obama and his administration is in a bind as to what to do to make any progress as far as Obama’s pet project is concerned.

In the meantime many people are wondering if this week’s federal court ruling affects changes for those on high-skilled worker visas in the United States? But thankfully there wouldn’t be any impact, whatsoever on it, experts believe. A report in Wall Street Journal while quoting Scott J. FitzGerald, a partner at U.S.-based international law firm Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP says that it will not affect initiatives for skilled workers, because the lawsuit only pertained to the program that shielded millions from deportation.

The Wall Street Journal in its report says that “The president’s basket of executive actions was welcomed by India’s outsourcing technology industry, which earns billions of dollars sending Indian engineers and programmers to the U.S. and has been demanding America raise the ceiling on the number of skilled-worker visas it issues every year…Some of the measures announced under the reforms have already been rolled out. A rule that allows people with H-4, dependent-spouse visas with partners seeking employment-based, permanent residence status, to work in the U.S., came into effect earlier this week”.

While H-1B Holders may not be impacted much on immigration reform, it is going to shatter 12 million people’s hopes of a good future.

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