Immigration reform 2015 news: Scott Walker’s White House ambitions may be impacted by flip flop

Immigration reform 2015 news: Scott Walker’s White House ambitions may be impacted by flip flop

Immigration reform 2015 news: Scott Walker’s White House ambitions may be impacted by his flip flop on immigration reform

Scott Walker is one of the top contenders aspiring to be Republican Party’s candidate for White House 2016. Though the fight is going to be very difficult, but Wisconsin Gov. may have his way to win the Republican Primaries and may be eventual presidential candidate of the Republicans.

But the Republican stalwart may have to face scrutiny and eventual difficulty in convincing his Republican supporters over his stand on immigration reform. In the year 2013 he was one of the many Republican officials who were trying to convince GOP leadership to stop opposing the immigration reforms being pushed by President Obama.

It is no secret that some 2013 he was the face of Republicans who seemed to be in favor of immigration reform. And it was because of him that many immigrants and their backers besides of course Democrats thought that the

Photo courtesy woodtv.comBack then he not just favored the idea but went on to support it in a big way. When asked as to whether America’s 11 million illegal immigrants be given US citizenship after paying some money and waiting a bit he said, “Sure, yeah. I think it makes sense”.

His love for immigration reform is not new and thankfully it is very old. Almost a decade ago too while Scott Walker was the Milwaukee County executive in 2005, he was in favor of immigration reform bill sponsored by U.S. Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Ted Kennedy, D-Mass. The bill allowed illegal immigrants to apply for citizenship after some six years.

But now he seems to have a sudden change of heart and has made it amply clear that he no longer favors giving citizenship to illegal immigrants. “I don’t believe in amnesty and part of the reason why I’ve made that a firm position is I look at the way this president has mishandled that issue” he told Fox news. He went on to add that he was one of the governors who signed on to a Texas lawsuit that prevented the executive actions from taking place last month. The case has yet to be decided on its merits.

He went on to talk about E-Verify for guaranteeing a background check of employees. “I think the better approach is to enforce the laws and give employers — job creators — the tools like E-Verify and other things to make sure the law is being upheld going forward” he told the news channel. “My view has changed. I’m flat-out saying it. Candidates can say that. Sometimes they don’t”, he had no hesitation is saying that he has a change of heart on the issue and no longer favors amnesty.

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