Immigration reform 2015 news: Republicans move shatters 5 million people’s hope

Immigration reform 2015 news: Republicans move shatters 5 million people’s hope

Immigration reform 2015 news: Republicans move shatters 5 million people’s hope

What is going to be the fate of immigration reform in the US? While around eleven million illegal immigrants are in queue to be given nationality and have been assured so from Democrats and President Barack Obama, Republicans have their swords ready to destroy every attempt in this direction and have done this on more than one occasion.

The immigration reform would have passed in the year 2013 itself when Democrats who enjoyed a majority in the Senate were able to pass the law there. But then Republicans scuttled the move by sitting on the law in the Congress. GOP bosses despite numerous assurances and reassurances never showed least interest in getting the law passed.

President Obama’s executive order gave some hope this year to around five million, out of eleven million illegal immigrants, some sort of relief and an assurance that they wouldn’t be deported. But this was challenged by 26 Republican ruled states in the court that suspended the order temporarily.

Photo courtesy woodtv.comIn the meantime the judge who actually issued an injunction order against President Obama’s immigration executive actions attacked the Justice Department for making him “look like an idiot” after it lied to him, misrepresented facts and illegally gave 100,081 illegal aliens immigration status despite a pending lawsuit and an injunction.

The judge said that the violation was intentional and that the U.S. government in fact made him believe that it would follow his injunction order issued last Feb. 16 on the expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival, or DACA, announced by the President last November. Kathleen Hardeck, Hanen said: “When I asked you what would happen [after the injunction order was issued] and you said nothing I took it to heart. I was made to look like an idiot. I believed your word that nothing would happen.”

But the justice department has refused that it actually tried to take the judge for a ride. Angela Colmonero from the Texas Attorney General’s office said “The defendant did the exact opposite and gave 100,000 renewals for a term of three years under the expanded DACA…The defendant didn’t inform the court until March 3 – 15 days after the injunction was filed.”

None the less people are not giving hope as yet. By Luis V. Gutierrez, a Democrat leader from Illinois says, “The reality is clear. Almost all of the 11 million or so undocumented immigrants in the U.S. will live here for the rest of their lives, regardless of whether we change our policies. Most have lived here for a decade already, and most live in families with children who are mostly U.S. citizens. Uprooting this population isn’t going to happen — no matter how many deportation bills the House GOP majority passes or how strenuously Republicans demonize immigrants, block legal immigration and delay reforming the system”.

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