Immigration Reform 2015 news: Obama executive order in danger of being killed

Immigration Reform 2015 news: Obama executive order in danger of being killed

Immigration Reform 2015 news: Obama executive order in danger of being killed

Immigration Reform 2015 might have been stalled by Republicans. But they may not succeed in stalling Obama’s executive order that is expected to benefit as many as five million undocumented citizens out of the actual 11 million such immigrants.

Immigration reform had actually aimed at working out modalities to give US nationality to 11 million people. These people are living in the US for decades and many have spent their lifetime here.

It is a great humanitarian issue besides being good for the US economy. When Republicans clearly told the nation that they will not allow it to pass at any cost, President Barack Obama came up with executive order that would have implemented a toned down immigration law in the US.

Photo courtesy woodtv.comIn November 2015, the President actually released executive orders that would have helped more than five million illegal immigrants.

In the meantime the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is receiving large number of arguments this week both in favor of and in opposition to Texas Federal Judge Andrew Hanen’s injunction against President Barack Obama’s executive action. Reports suggest that these briefs were sent to the court in advance of the court’s scheduled oral argument session on April 17 in New Orleans to determine if Hanen’s injunction should remain in place.

Though Republicans claim that immigrants are bad for the US economy, a report says that opposite is true. A study conducted by the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE) says that both Asian and Hispanic voter base is set to expand by as much as 19.2 million in the next year’s elections. The latest report by Partnership for a New American Economy says that in Wisconsin alone, immigrants are actually motivating force behind job creation and immigrant entrepreneurs have made a considerable impact by starting more than 10,000 businesses. The report further says that these immigrant-owned businesses brought in nearly $600 million in business income annually between 2006 and 2010.

Now many briefs filed at the court talk of how this will destroy people’s lives. A brief claims that deportation will tear families apart and results in poverty. Times-Picayune report says, “Nationwide, children in single-parent homes are more than four times more likely to live in poverty than children with married parents. And in 2012 alone, there were 5,100 children in foster care who could not be reunited with their families because a parent had been deported or detained”.

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