Immigration Reform 2015: How Republicans took a U turn on immigration to get Latino votes

Immigration Reform 2015: How Republicans took a U turn on immigration to get Latino votes

Immigration Reform 2015: How Republicans took a U turn on immigration to get Latino votes

After all these year’s efforts of killing all immigration reform initiatives, how Republicans have courage to denounce President Barrack Obama on this very issue? The way Republicans have tried to kill immigration reform in the United States is simply unprecedented and shows their deep-rooted antipathy or animosity toward the issue and the undocumented immigrants.

Had it not been for them, the issue of immigration reform would have settled at least three years ago, when the immigration reform bill was passed by Senate. It was only the Congress –dominated by Republicans –that killed the bill.

If that was not enough, they continued frustrating every effort by Obama administration to resolve the issue and when they didn’t allow the bill to be passed, Obama took the route of executive order.

Though it was not enough to take care of 12 million undocumented immigrants, it would have at least benefitted around five million such people. But alas it was still unacceptable for Republicans and all the Republican states together went to a court and filed an appeal against the executive order of Obama that should have come into force in May.

After doing their best to kill the immigration reform and then executive order, Republican Party bosses are still hopeful of deceiving the population. This party is trying to attract crucial Latino voters ahead of next year’s presidential elections and accusing Obama of doing nothing on immigration reform.

No one thought that they will take this route. On Monday, Florida’s Republican governor, Rick Scott, went on Univision, one of the nation’s largest Spanish-language channels, and attacked Obama on immigration reform. He seems to be trying to airbrush the GOP’s image concerning immigration reform.

While talking on Univision, Scott said, “I think President Obama has failed us…We know we need comprehensive immigration reform; we need more secure borders. He has not moved the ball. In six and a half years, all that he has done is being questioned in the courts…I think President Obama has failed on immigration reform…I look forward to the next president to work on it. It’s not an easy thing to do, but this is a country of legal migration and I think we will have a plan.”

But people are not so blind. Lorella Praeli, Hillary Clinton’s Outreach Director wrote on Twitter “Classic GOP talking points on immigration…Pretends Republicans haven’t been blocking immigration for years.”

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