Immigration Reform 2015: GOP kill Obama executive order, but DACA, DAPA still help many

Immigration Reform 2015: GOP kill Obama executive order, but DACA, DAPA still help many

Immigration Reform 2015: GOP kill Obama executive order, but DACA, DAPA still help many 

Immigration Reform 2015 seems to have been stifled and stopped by unrelenting Republican Party that seems to have gone all out against it. They have tried to assure people in the past that they are not against immigration reform and that they will back it with improved security measures at the border.

But they have shown time and again that their rhetoric of not being opposed to immigration reform is just a oft-repeated refrain and nothing else. Their actions have always been against immigration and they have never been sincere as far as immigration reforms are concerned.

Had they been sincere they wouldn’t have forced the Congress to dump the immigration reform 2013 bill. After being passed from the Senate the bill was killed by Republicans in the Congress despite repeatedly claiming that they will present it in the Congress. They never did and they had no plan to do it from the beginning but were just trying to kill it.immigration impact us hiring

In the meantime Obama administration seems to be determined to do everything that can help people whose welfare was aimed by executive order. U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said, “I believe we will prevail”.

While talking about it Johnson said the Obama administration “will continue to fight” and defend the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and new Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) programs. He said that till now 670,000 undocumented immigrants have successfully applied for DACA, under its 2012 guidelines, which included passing a background check.

While detailing it Johnson said, “I believe we will prevail, as deferred action is a tool that has been in use by Republican and Democratic administrations for decades…To those in Congress who say we do not have the authority to issue deferred action without a change in law, I say change the law; don’t just be a naysayer.”

Meanwhile a latest Pew Research Center’s poll has said that as many as 72 percent Americans have said that undocumented immigrants should be provided a pathway to legal status. “From the perspective of homeland security and law enforcement, we should encourage people who have lived here for years, and are not going anywhere, to come out of the shadows and get on the books. We want to know who these people are, and we want to encourage them to report crime. We want these people to work on, not off, the books, and pay taxes”, Johnson said.

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