Immigration reform 2015: after frustrating Obama executive action, Republicans ready to repent

Immigration reform 2015: after frustrating Obama executive action, Republicans ready to repent

Immigration reform 2015: after frustrating Obama executive action, Republicans ready to repent

Immigration reform seems to be dead with not much hope of it being implemented in the near future. When Republicans, who completely control Senate and the Congress, are bent upon making it a flop and frustrating President Barack Obama’s all efforts, things don’t seem to be positive. They not just frustrated immigration reform bill in the year 2013 when Senate had passed it, Republicans ensured that the bill was not allowed to pass in the house.

Now when there was some sort of hope for undocumented immigrants thanks to Obama’s executive order, they again ganged up and 26-Republican ruled states went to the court and got an injunction on Obama’s executive order. An appeal was later turned down by a federal court, giving very tough time to Obama and his administration.

There is no denying the fact immigration reform is very close to Obama’s heart and he wants to solve the issue anyhow. His executive order would have given long-time relief to at least 5 million undocumented immigrants in the US.

immigration impact us hiringNonetheless despite their aggressive stance on immigration reform, GOP lawmakers have come to conclude that their present stand is going to kill their chances in the presidential elections 2016. This is the reason that some of them are coming with some potential areas of compromise they hope can help the party handle the delicate balance between appeasing the demands of the base in beefing up border security while addressing the practical economic need for foreign labor.

While talking about the Republican dilemma, Stuart Anderson, executive director of the National Foundation for American Policy says, “If you’re a Republican [running for president], you at minimum want the immigration issue neutralized, and maybe gain votes where Mitt Romney was unable to get them”.

Given the fact they have done so much damage to cause of immigration reform, despite assuring the immigration activists and others, that believing their intention has become very difficult.

In the meantime there are reasons to believe that such immigrants don’t steal normal jobs. Instead they spur economy. Alfonso Aguilar, director of the Latino Partnership program at the conservative American Principles in Action says, “If you don’t have a restaurant worker working in the kitchen … you’re not going to have good jobs, waiter jobs, management jobs in restaurants for Americans…So we need to connect with the middle class and show that immigration is good for the middle class.”

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