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The passage of Immigration reform 2013 in the Senate is a big leap forward. But news reports suggest that Boehner may kill the bill in Congress

The celebrations are continuing following the passage of immigration bill from the US Senate. The bill has been passed after high voltage debate that continued for weeks and looked like breaking down mid-way on many occasions. But the celebrations may look like to have come far too early as there is most daunting part of the bill awaiting it.

The bill is set to go to the Congress and everyone knows how hostile they are against the bill. The top Republican leaders have said that they don’t want the bill to be passed in its latest form. They want to make major changes in the bill that will destroy its basic features making it almost useless to many of the immigrants.

The worst their proposal will do will to create a sort of citizenry who will have half citizenship rights in the US compared to the rest of the citizens. Given the fact that the United States has been built by immigrants from across the world, the hostility of the Republicans towards immigrants is very incomprehensible.

Immediately after the immigration reform bill was cleared by Senate that is dominated by Democrats, the leader of the House of Representatives announced on top of his voice that the measure was dead on arrival in the House. To be true, House Speaker John Boehner completely changed the atmosphere of celebration into despair not just for the millions of immigrants, but even for Democrat leaders and those Republican leaders who have been supportive of the immigration reforms. “Immigration reform has to be grounded in real border security”, Boehner said.

There is no doubt that now the biggest obstacle in the way of immigration reform bill is Boehner and his party. The bigger issue is that of the Congress where Republicans enjoy mammoth majority over democrats and most of the republican leaders in the Congress have repeatedly expressed their opposition to the immigration law bill that will allow the eleven million illegal immigrants the legal citizens of the US with some strings attached. To be true, most Republican leaders –the latest being Rand Paul –have expressed their complete opposition to immigration law and have said that they will never allow it to be passed.

Nonetheless there are reasons to believe that things will start turning in the favour of the bill if Federal government assures Republicans of better security measures at the border. In a landmark decision, that has solved the worries of several million people, the U.S. Senate passed a comprehensive immigration bill that would allow the nation’s 11 million unauthorized immigrants to become U.S. citizens. With this bill apart from overhauling the country’s immigration system the government would have to spend billions to secure the southwest border with Mexico to prevent any unauthorized immigration. The bill that failed to see the light of the day from past several years, despite being argued upon in the initial years was finally cleared with a thumping majority of 68-32 votes in the Senate, that had posed the biggest hurdle in its first step. The bill that was drafted by a bipartisan group of senators known as the Gang of Eight, has ushered in the biggest change in immigration laws since 1986. The victory that is being hailed as  major success for the Obama administration was opposed by the Republicans whose leadership of the House of Representatives had already indicated the bill will not get a vote in that chamber.

President Obama has tried to placate the Republican leaders towards passing the bill, but without any major success so far. During one of his speeches, talking about the immigration reform bill, U.S. President Barack Obama said: “This bill isn’t perfect. And going forward, nobody is going to get everything that they want – not Democrats, not Republicans, not me. But this is a bill that’s largely consistent with the principles that I .. have laid out for common-sense reform. So if you’re serious about actually fixing the system, then this is the vehicle to do it.” It may be recalled that following the 1986 law that was signed by the then President Reagan had allowed three million immigrants to become citizens even as it had failed to secure the border. Since then, taking advantage of the porous southwest border, millions of undocumented immigrants have entered the U.S. For so many years since then though nothing concrete was done States like Arizona, Alabama and Georgia began tackling the problem on their own in recent years, passing laws to crack down on unauthorized immigrants. The creation of the Gang of Eight, which drafted the bill and shepherded it through the Senate came after 2012 elections, when Mitt Romney garnered only 27% of the Hispanic vote. This may finally turn Republicans opposition in its favour.


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  • Dave Francis

    Paramount Triggers must be applied, or unlikely bill will be rejected in House?


    1986 Amnesty Deja Vu

    Sen. Ted Cruz said after
    the senate legislation the following about Senate majority
    decision: “Sadly, this bill won’t
    fix the problem with our immigration system and will only encourage more
    illegal immigration and human suffering and added,

    “I strongly support commonsense immigration reform that secures the border
    before legalization, fixes our legal immigration system, and upholds the rule
    of law. This bill isn’t it.”

    All those who signed onto this bill are warned of
    the consequences, because hardly anybody read the bill outright before
    approving it? All these Senate
    Republicans have risked their political future. Alexander, Tenn.; Ayotte, N.H.; Chiesa, N.J.; Collins, Maine; Corker,
    Tenn.; Flake, Ariz.; Graham, S.C.; Hatch, Utah; Heller, Nev.; Hoeven, N.D.;
    Kirk, Ill.; McCain, Ariz.; Murkowski, Alaska; Rubio, Fla. Then having that
    obnoxious witch Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano with her hand on
    the switch, with full authority is tantamount to a catastrophe in the future. I
    wouldn’t trust this loose cannon advocate, than I could spit or puke. She has
    shown her irritation to the “Rule of law” by releasing dangerous illegal aliens
    felons back on the streets, using the Sequester as a flimsy excuse. With this
    Political appointee the chances of immigration being fully enforced with her in
    control, is a giant mistake.

    This De facto amnesty is a malfunction to
    enforce the nation’s immigration laws on the interior of the United States. It
    is not a border issue. Chris Crane, president of the union who represents 7,000
    immigration and customs enforcement officers stated, it cannot and will not end
    as a result of amplified border security. It must be determined through
    increased interior enforcement? But the
    fact is that the man who knew just about everything governing the border was
    ignored by the Gang of Eight.

    me is blatantly obvious that those already here remain hidden from view and not
    detectable, which the “OVERSTAYS”. Just like so many weak parts of law, such as
    unlawful entry, being no more than a civil misdemeanor and not a federal
    FELONY? In my view so many flaws in the laws are deliberate. So instead of building
    up the borders with 20.000 more U.S. immigration agents at the borders, split
    them up and place 10.000 for internal enforcement. Remind your representatives by phoning any of the100 Senators and 435 Representatives
    for State or Federal at toll-free number — 1-888-978-3094–.You may phone the
    United States Capitol circuit at (202) 224-3121. A terminal operator will
    connect you directly with the Senate office or just about anybody in Washington
    you request to speak with, after being confronted by an aid.

    ‘Do what you will is the whole of the law’, seems to be
    the mantra of the Obama administration and unless you read the Senate
    Immigration law, you will find out all the gaping holes, special waivers,
    omissions that makes this reform bill passed to the House valueless for serious


    There are too many inconsistencies, as the act
    does not name the border fence as Double layer parallel running fences. Why
    20.000 agents at the border, when interior enforcement would be better served,
    with at least 10.000 to run down incorrigible employers who will be hiring thousands of overstays and illegal aliens claiming
    legal status who will be stealing jobs from Americans, as businesses will not
    have offer the health care, as a benefit. Obamacare has major flaws and even
    huge cost that as yet cannot be imagined.
    Every American of African descent, European descent,, Hispanic descent,
    Latin descent, Caribbean descent, Asian descent and every hemisphere who are
    going to suffer under this soiled immigration act and likely to be lose their
    job to new legalized people, especially in the working class. The only
    non-sufferers are the welfare leeches, except that are really handicapped or
    sick. I am sure it won’t be too long, before epithets are addressed to me and
    the race card; they have nothing else in their vocabulary.

    ALSO BLAST FAXES AT numbersusa and write your own message or copy the one
    exhibited. At americanpatrol
    is a daily report from newspapers across the country, illustrating the huge
    rise in drunk drivers, and other heinous crimes the left oriented press keeps
    suppressed. For legal information about corruption in Washington and in state
    assemblies at judicialwatch Also Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has set up an
    email address for people to contact if they believe they were targeted by the
    IRS. That address is: Senator Ted Cruz
    of Texas has launched a national petition. It is at SecureBordersNow,”
    Cruz said. “In just a week, we’ve have reached 150,000 people from all over the
    country sign that petition speaking out to say ‘Do not do legalization first.
    Secure the borders first, fix the problem.”?