If not Mayweather vs Pacquiao then why not Martinez vs any of the two


    People are demanding a Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Manny Pacquiao fight. But if it is not possible then why not Sergio Martinez vs any of the two

    Everyone wants a good fight. And if one pays to watch a super fight, he wants it to be the longest and toughest fight in history. But alas, seldom it happens.

    But boxing fans are always eager to watch one and so they continue to dream about a fight that involves the two best boxers in recent history of the game Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino boxer who has taken the world of boxing by storm in the past few years.

    Though Mayweather is free to boast about for how long he has been in the game, everyone knows as to how hard work Manny has done to reach the stage where he is. He is the best pound for pound boxer not without doing nothing. He has beaten the best boxers and has earned respect and love of boxing fans in US, the best place for a boxer like everything in the world.

    But there is an increased demand for Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr fighting another great boxer Sergio Martinez. Though obviously not in the same league as Manny and  Mayweather, he is a great boxer in himself and has proved to the world that he can take on the best of boxers.

    After Mayweather’s refusal to confront Manny in the ring, boxing fans want a real fight against Mayweather and they say that Sergio Martinez can trouble Mayweather more than anything and has the potential to even win the fight.

    Floyd Mayweather Jr recently beat Victor Ortiz in a one sided fight. Though there are people who call the decision as controversial, nonetheless the game experts say the decision was non-controversial and Mayweather was right when he beat Ortiz while he was seeing somewhere else.

    But there are some basic issued coming in the way of Sergio Martinez fighting Manny or Mayweather. Sergio Martinez is more than 10 pounds heavier than both the best pound for pound boxers and so he isn’t eligible to fight the duo.

    The world didn’t take Argentinean seriously till he defeated Paul Williams in their second outing within a minute of the fight. It was a rematch and gave unprecedented exposure to Sergio Martinez.

    But to all people the proposition doesn’t look like great. A reader says, “I’m sick and tired of people crying about this guy not being able to get a fight against much smaller men. Why won’t he call out people his own size like andre ward or hopkins etc. There are a lot of fights out there for this guy, but he wants a unfair advantage in size. All these boxing writers are giving this guy a break which he doesn’t deserve”.


    1. I heard from other boxers and promoters that before I face Manny or Floyd, I have to fight Cotto or Margarito first. Hmmmmm Maybe Cotto but not Margarito.

      To be honest guys, I want to fight Pacquiao or even floyd to get a good pay and I can retire. I know for sure that I will not win on Pacquiao but If I face Floyd there might be a chance. …

      Well, Pacquiao will throw thousands of punches if I throw one, with Floyd, I throw two he throws one.

      I hope it’s floyd… not Manny

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