If iPad 3 was not enough, be prepared for iPad 4 release too


    If iPad 3 was not enough, be prepared for iPad 4 release in the year 2012 too. It seems unbelievable, but may be true as competition becomes tougher and Apple tries to keep its competitors on their toes

    If one new iPad was not enough, rumors are doing the round for possible launch of two iPad versions this year. The year 2012 is undoubtedly going to be super hot for Apple fans across the world as more and more leaks come out of Cupertino based tech giant about the possible introduction of two tablets this year.

    We have been hoping that Apple would be launching a tablet as early as February or March. Our guess seems to be very accurate. But more reports from Boy Genius Report suggest that we may also be going to get one more tablet from Apple besides iPad 3. And they are already calling it iPad 4.

    Now this is becoming very confusing for a common man. An iPad 2 user wants to upgrade to a new tablet, but with two expected this year, he is confused whether he should go for the rumored iPad 3 or rumored iPad 4.

    The Boy Genius Report suggests that the iPad 3 will be launched in March with retina display. Besides retina display the new iPad will come with much improved battery life compared to what comes with the top selling tablet right now.

    Meanwhile Digitimes, that has emerged as the main source of news from Apple says that the new iPad being dubbed as iPad 3 will come with HD display with 1536 x 2048 resolution.

    Though there were reports of Apple preparing to launch a 7 inch iPad or iPad mini, these rumors seem to be unfounded. It was being said that iPad mini will be launched to take care of Amazon Kindle Fire that is also selling like hot cake in the market. Now it is being said that Apple will substantially lower the prices of existing iPad 2 to take care of any threat coming from Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet.

    Boy Genius Report while speculating about the iPad 4 launch before the year end says that it will be completely redesigned by Cupertino based tech giant to keep people’s interest in iPad alive. It also claims that the iPad 4 will be much more advanced that even iPad 3.


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