Hyundai Eon launch may further dent Maruti’s share


    Hyundai Eon launch may further dent Maruti’s share in India’s booming car market

    Hyundai has been topping the charts. When last year its premium SUV Santa Fe was a hit, this time the hit auto is the cute little Eon. The country’s second largest car maker is planning to complete the domestic market with a line-up of Hyundais in small sizes.

    Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is carving a niche in the small caer market this time by introducing its Eon this Thursday.

    Arvind Saxena, director of sales & marketing in HMIL, says “The way the Indian market is structured we will continue to focus on the compact car segment to bring in the volumes. But over the next two to three years, we will launch several products across segments to plug in the gaps and strengthen our presence in the Indian market.”

    Hyundai’s Santro takes up 16% of small car market share. With the introduction of Eon, Maruti Suzuki Alto seems to be in the danger of being pushed to the bottom. The reason is the pricing. While Eon is expected to come for around Rs 2.5 lakh (ex-showroom) and boasts a three-cylinder 814cc engine, Maruti Suzuki Alto costs upwards of Rs 2.32 lakh and comes in 800 cc and 998 cc engine configurations.

    H W Park, president and chief executive officer, HMIL, said, “The car will provide the best-in-class design, quality and technology to its customers.” His confidence rests on the specifics that Eon is wider and taller than the Alto. The car is further said to have fuel efficiency of 21.1 kmpl, as compared to 19.73 kmpl the Alto offers.

    Even in premium hatchback category, Hyundai’s share is 27% and the refurbished Verna is stirring up the midsize segment. Hyundai is all set to dominate the market of all sizes.


    1. This car will be boom for hatch back segment in India if it comes with the price of 2.5 lakhs, Best of luck EON.

    2. Dear Sirs,

      I use a Santro xing for many years. Its driving and sitting comfort is really good and maintennance cost is also very less. However, it gives only 9-10 KMPL inspite of the fact that company average claim is 14 KMPL. The Hyundai dealers have also done tune-up etc., but still it gives me only about 9 – 10 KMPL. Excepting this Hyundai vehicle is really good.

      HMIL should also care for selling the parts outside the dealership outlets as I find that the repairing at the local dealer work-shop is not that much satisfactory as they don’t want to strain in repairing the components for any minor problem and easily change the parts which is vey costly. Hence, people prefer Maruti Vehicle in this regard which is easily repairable in any road side mechanic shop also. HMIL should think on this genuine aspects also which will boost the sale of the vehicles.

    3. marvellous iam waiting to get it lauched finally i reached the expections anyhow i am going to take it

    4. It’s really a good looking small hatch,infact best looking hatch in the country.Instead of driver side airbag as safety feature, ABS would’ve been the best option

    5. Hyundai Eon is a next generation compact vehicle. This fuel efficient vehicle has enough space for a small family. Compact design allows to park easily even in the smaller area, and sleek design with effective controlling allows you to slide through the traffic. This could be the best buy of the year but there are few more models, sharing same price tags, to see. Ford Figo, Chevrolet Beat and Nissan Micra are some exciting fuel efficient and affordable cars to see before you go for Eon.

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