Hu Jintao urges boosting scientific innovation


    Beijing, (IANS) Chinese President Hu Jintao has urged strengthening of the country’s drive to overall national development through continuous scientific innovation.

    Hu made the remarks during an inspection tour (Dec 26 to 29) in China’s Jiangsu province, China Daily reported.

    While visiting Jiangsu’s enterprises and industrial parks, the president said scientific innovation is a strategic support for enhancing social productivity and the overall national strength.

    It is a must to improve independent innovation and grasp key technologies to transform the economic growth mode and accomplish the goals for national development, Hu said.

    He asked officials and people in Jiangsu to insist on the path of scientific development under the leadership of CPC general secretary Xi Jinping, and take the lead to realise modernisation and build a well-off society in an all-round way.

    While visiting Huaxi village, one of the wealthiest villages in China, Hu said the village set an example of the socialist modernisation in China’s rural areas.

    Visiting a middle school in Taizhou city, where he planted a gingko, the “botanic giant panda”, the Chinese president told students to gain more knowledge and virtues and exert their capabilities in the country’s development.