HTC One M9 US release date fixed for April 10

HTC One M9 US release date fixed for April 10

HTC One M9 US release date fixed for April 10 

HTC One M9 US release date has finally been announced. The latest flagship from the Taiwanese tech giant’s US launch date has been fixed for April 10. This means that merely three weeks’ time is left when the handset will be in our hands in this part of the world.

Though initially, the handset that is one of the best, will be available to just a few retailers, but within the next few weeks after being launched you will be able to buy it from almost every carrier in the US.

It is needless to say that HTC One M9 is one of the best handsets around. The company has tried to stem the rot by putting in a 20 mega pixel camera making it at par or better than other top Android devices. Earlier the company used very confusing looking ultra pixel cameras in its devices that made people leave the HTC brand in drove.HTC One M9 picture

In the meantime the Taiwanese tech company in a YouTube webcast today said that the HTC One M9 US US release date has been fixed for April 10 and that it will become available in the rest of the world later this year.

Nonetheless the company hasn’t said till now the names of the retailers who would sell the One M9 out of the gate. The new flagship was announced by the HTC at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

More enticing than the actual launch of the handset is the announcement of company’s extensive warranty program. HTC has said that it’ll replace your One M9 smartphone if it falls “onto the pavement or into a toilet” or even if you change carriers. And that includes phones that have been jailbroken, surprisingly enough.

Company’s US officials are super excited. Jason MacKenzie, president of HTC America says, “All I’m going to say is we’re not going to launch a phone with a heating problem. We’re going to launch a phone when it’s ready.”

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