HTC M7 rumored specs, release date; likely to replace One X in 2013


    The Taiwanese tech giant is working to replace its top-selling handset with a new one here we take a look at HTC M7 rumored specs and release date

    HTC is evidently working on a flagship Android phone for 2013. The phone called the HTC M7 is rumored to replace its One X and its superior variant the One X+. As we know, the HTC M7 will be a rival to Samsung’s Galaxy S IV and Apple iPhone 5S next year. Little is known about the specifications of the device. As per rumors, it may have many bumped-up features from the current HTC flagship the One X. We make a tour through the rumors regarding the handset here.

    HTC M7 Release Date
    As per Unwired View, the Taiwan tech maker is to unveil the handset at the Mobile World Congress 2013 in February in Barcelona. HTC unveiled its One X series at MWC this year. So we have enough reason to expect the next flagship Android phone from HTC in the same event. MWC is one of the world’s top mobile trade shows. Samsung is also rumored to display its next version Galaxy S IV in the event. Anyway, the Barcelona event will bring out lots of new handsets to the market.

    HTC M7 Tech Specs
    The HTC handset is rumored to mount a 4.7-inch FullHD 1080p display. It will be one of the first FullHD smart phones in the 4.7-inch category. All other 1080p handsets fall in the 5-inch phablet category. With a bit small display, pixel density of the M7 will expand up to a whopping 468-ppi, sources say. The handset is further expected to mount a SoLux display. It can provide great visual clarity over its predecessor Super LCD2 and so you will be enjoying great display clarity and perfection.

    Under the hood, the M7 is speculated to pack a second generation quad-core CPU from Qualcomm. The new processor may clock at an aggressive 1.7GHz per core. Plus, the device will have 2GB of RAM and a far better graphical processor. For data storage, the device will have a higher 32GB of internal memory other than microSD slot for expanding memory to new highs.

    Of course, the M7 will be of 4G LTE capable. The phone will run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update. Along with the fresh firmware, the device will be rich with HTC’s new Sense 5 UI. There will be a 13MP advanced autofocus camera with the handset. It can shoot video at 1080p.  For better power backup, the HTC phone will pack a powerful 2300mAh battery.

    “As a natural progression to this year’s One series – marketed with the tagline “Amazing camera, authentic sound” – the M7 will attempt to take both image capture and audio playback to new levels. Whereas the One X/X+ features an eight-megapixel sensor and f/2.2 lens, the M7 has been tipped to sport a 13MP CCD and even larger f/2.0 lens,” says Unwired View’s analyst.

    HTC M7 Rivals
    Needless to say, the entire line of the released or rumored 5-inch FullHD handsets will be rivals to the M7. Already we have phones like Oppo Find 5 and Sharp Aquos Phone other than HTC’s DROID DNA in the U.S. and J Butterfly in Japan. Companies like Samsung, LG, Huawei and ZTE are busy working with the same phablets. Hence, things will not be much good in tech market.

    Samsung’s next generation Galaxy S IV will be a huge threat to the HTC phone. Currently, the mobile market is ruthlessly dominated by Samsung. The company will only produce an upgrade to the SIII with a goal to keep the series’ domination in mobile market. For sure, a 4.99-inch 1080p FullHD Galaxy S IV will be an intense fighter against the rumored HTC phone with the same display technology.


    1. Even though I alreadg know HTC makes the best phones, they need to figure out a way to convince the rest of the world. Funny how a year ago, the best phones were the ones that were the fastest on speed test, and ran the best test scores. If that were still the case, then HTC would be dominating the competition. I have a OneX+ and this phone is a beast period. Just an example, i had the S111 before the OneX+ was released. And I tried playing temple run on the S111 and it is a horrendous experience. That is just one game people can put to the test if they own a S111. Any game I run my One X+, runs smooth as butter, and the graphics are amazing. Quadrant standard scores on the S111, I was getting on average between 4800 to 5200. On the One X+, I am getting on average 7400 to 7900. On speed test with the S111 i get scores of 23.00 download, and 2~3 on upload. With fhe One X+, I get scores of 29 to 34 consistently on download, and scores of 5 to 7 mbps consistently on the One X+. And as for the screen, and camera, there is NO comparison. The One X+ just blows the S111 out the water. What about build quality, I mean how can anyone argue the beauty of a HTC phone. And then there is samsung, you can’t get a uglier cheap looking and feeling phone than Samsung’s lineup.. Well HTC, here is the best advice I can give you. First and formost, you have to make your premier handset available on all the carriers. Quit making exclusive devices like the DNA, and the One X+, they should be on all the carriers. I know plenty of people who want the One X+ or the DNA, but they hate the carrier theg are on. The only phone I would agree to continue its legacy is the EVO line, as I feel that is the phone that started the Android dominance that it is. Next thing I would do is add more software gimmicks. Because if people think that Samsung phones are better than that can be the only `REASON”! If you don’t have a sd slot, then make different models of 32 gigs and 64 gigs. And be sure to have 2 gigs of ram and a good battery. Keep HTC sense and don’t change your key board, as both blow Samsung’s touch wiz and there keyboard away. If that don’t work, then what I already figured out, is a 100% true. This new age world are nothing but a bunch of follower’s idiot’s. Good luck to you HTC, I would hate to see the company that started the android smart phone craze, the company that was the first to accomplish almost every first that came in a smart phone, a company that was inventive, not a copier ( SAMSUNG ), to come to a end.

    2. Writing good looking Apps for Android just got easier. With 1080p becoming standard for all handheld devices in 2013.

      Chrome Books will also be 1080p. For those flaunting their organizational status Ultra 4xHDTV screens will be available for replacing multi-monitor PCs and ultra-laptops.

    3. I sure hope Verizon is getting this phone, I don’t want a 5 in behemoth and other than the dna there is no other great HTC phones from Verizon.

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