How ‘free’ mobile apps drain your battery, data resources

How ‘free’ mobile apps drain your battery, data resources

How ‘free’ mobile apps drain your battery, data resources

Many people in the country love freebies. This is more true when it comes to mobile apps. They love it because these apps don’t cost a dime as they don’t have to pay anything.

But while they may not be paying anything upfront, the real cost of downloading these apps and keeping them there may be much higher than many paid and inexpensive apps.

Researchers have said that actually the so-called free mobile apps that run ads on them drain your smartphone’s battery faster, and make them very slow, besides of course use more network data. A study concludes that when compared to apps without ads, such so called free apps with ads use an average of 16 per cent more energy. It transpires in lower battery life of a smartphone from 2.5 to 2.1 hours on average – or down to 1.7 hours at the high end of energy usage.

samsung galaxy s6 and s6 edgeThe latest study was conducted by scientists associated with the University of Southern California, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), and Queen’s University in Canada. Researchers concluded that that a phone’s Central Processing Unit (CPU) is like its brain – and ads eat up a lot of that brain power, slowing it down. They conclude that apps with ads take up an average of 48 per cent more CPU time – 22 per cent more memory use and 56 per cent greater CPU utilisation (the amount of time the CPU was used).

While talking about the findings William Halfond, co-corresponding author of the study at the University of Southern California says, “In absolute terms, this is very low, but in the crowded and competitive world of apps it’s a huge difference. It can make the difference between your app getting downloaded or going unnoticed”.

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