How Facebook’s nostalgia business ‘On This Day’ can go wrong

How Facebook’s nostalgia business ‘On This Day’ can go wrong

How Facebook’s nostalgia business ‘On This Day’ can go wrong

New Facebook ‘On This Day’ feature is going viral at the moment. This is going to be a personal reminder for Facebook users as to what they did ‘on this day’.

So the social networking site is going to dig everything important about you –of course only what you shared on your page –and remind you almost on a daily basis.

Reports suggest that information like birthdays, anniversaries, besides of course many aspects of your life from your personal history on Facebook will come under the new feature.
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Facebook has said that it is coming out with new feature after very long research and testing on such sensitive thing. Some past features have turned out to be major embarrassment like their personal video feature of the new year. They actually went on to apologize later about that feature.

The social networking giant with more than 1.2 billion users in almost every part of the world launch this feature earlier today. Facebook has come out with a dedicated page for users that filters anything from birthdays to anniversaries and notifies you of a special moment through your News Feed or through an app on your phone.

After large-scale testing the company gave the new feature its go ahead. But one aspect of this feature will not be liked by many of us. People who don’t want to be this nagging feature won’t be able to opt out of. Nonetheless the social networking giant says that that its algorithms will keep negative memories, such as a death of a loved one, from showing up here.

In the meantime the company has also said that “On This Day” reminders won’t apply only to special events. Meanwhile Facebook has said that the new feature has its own set of notifications, which you can switch off. You will also have access to a private On This Day page that will allow you to delete events or dates you don’t want to crop up again.

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