How effective will be ban on chewable tobacco in Delhi?

How effective will be ban on chewable tobacco in Delhi?

How effective will be ban on chewable tobacco in Delhi?

New Delhi: This is one step that may change the tobacco habit in the Indian capital New Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi party government has banned chewable tobacco completely in Delhi.

The order not just bans its sale, it also bans its storage, supply of chewable tobacco. The good thing is the fact that this include almost every form of chewable tobacco including guktha, khaini and zarda.

Though the suppliers of the tobacco products are going to face the heat following the ban, the success of the said ban may be questionable given the past record. Indian cities fare very low when it comes to actual implementation of such laws.

tobaccoWhile talking about the new notification Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain says, “in the national capital on Monday onwards. “We have decided to come up with a notification to ban chewable tobacco in all forms from Monday in Delhi. Under this, no one will be allowed to sell, purchase or store chewable tobacco”. Delhi Govt to ban chewable tobacco He said enforcement teams of Delhi Police as well as the Health Department have been asked to conduct surprise inspections across the city to ensure that the ban is implemented. [Delhi Govt acts tough against ads of tobacco products] “The teams have been told to be active on this,” Jain said.

This is amazing as to why cigarette has been left untouched. Health Department officials said that there was a Delhi government notification in September 2012 which was in pursuance of series of directions from the Supreme Court to ban gutkha in the city. [Maharashtra: Banned! Tobacco chewing in public] However, since the ban mentioned the term “gutkha”, the tobacco retailers started selling the components of gutkha (betel nut and raw tobacco) in separate pouches. So, the purpose of banning gutkha was not served. Tobacco is behind a large number of threat infections.

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