How did Frank Gifford die: Kathie Lee Gifford asks acquaintances to let her mourn in peace

How did Frank Gifford die: Kathie Lee Gifford asks acquaintances to let her mourn in peace

How did Frank Gifford die: Kathie Lee Gifford asks acquaintances to let her mourn in peace. She asked people not to visit her, but old friends went and mourned with her the loss of a great human being

The legendary Frank Gifford of the New York Giants is no more. He died at his Connecticut home on Sunday. He was 84.

Frank Gifford was someone who won respect of the sporting fraternity through sheer hard work, dedication and impressive performances spanning over a long period of time.

There is no denying the fact that his recognition in the world was not just due to his association with New York Giants. He made a splash of sorts in Hollywood too and made a lasting impact with movies like ‘Monday Night Football’ besides many others. Like a great player, he was a consummate actor and sportcaster. This was the reason that he won the respect of his co-players, workers, actors and everyone else wherever he went.frank gifford

He was the one who hogged limelight for decades and decades thanks to his excellence in the worlds of sports and entertainment. There is no denying the fact that Golden boy Gifford gained unprecedented popularity in almost every field he dabbled.

The sporting world seems to be in mourning at the moment. Almost everyone is paying rich tribute to a soul that was simply indefatigable. While expressing his shock at the news of Gifford’s demise NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said, “Frank Gifford was an icon of the game, both as a Hall of Fame player for the Giants and Hall of Fame broadcaster for CBS and ABC… Frank’s talent and charisma on the field and on the air were important elements in the growth and popularity of the modern NFL”.

“His many achievements were defined by a quiet dignity and a personal grace that is seldom seen in any arena…He truly embodied the very best of us” said Bob Iger, chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Co.

Born on August 16, 1930 Gifford was one of the best American football (not soccer) player and television broadcaster. It is simply amazing to know that he actually spent his entire 13-year National Football League (NFL) career with the New York Giants. He was equally adaptable and impressive while playing both offense and defense. He participated in five NFL Championship games and eight Pro Bowls, and won the league’s Most Valuable Player Award in 1956, the same season he won his only NFL Championship. He was married to Kathie Lee Gifford.

In the meantime Kotab is mourning the losd. “I landed and I looked at my phone…and I saw a text from Kathie, Kathie Lee, and she left a voicemail too that Frank has passed…She asked for people not to come to her house yesterday so I got out of the airport and drove to her house.”  She said her co-host was happy that Kotb visited even though she’d been asked not to.  Kotb said Kathie Lee is leaning on her faith following her husband’s death, and she was “rejoicing in his life” rather than mourning his death.

She goes on to add “I was crying and she was holding my hand and she said, ‘let me tell you something, let me tell you what a tragedy is… you know [when young kids with cancer die], that’s a tragedy…She said, ‘He built this family. He is a triumph.’ She said, ‘remember that,’” Kotb said.

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