How Congress led opposition and NDA will perform in 4th round of polling?

Lalu Prasad Yadav

NVO News Desk,

New Delhi/ Mumbai: The fourth round of polling is underway right now. Electorates in as many as 71 constituencies will be electing their Lok Sabha representatives today. Much of the BJP’s future rests on the outcome of election in fourth and the latter rounds of polling.

Before the end of the campaigning ruling and opposition parties concentrated their efforts in the Hindi heartland states including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh Jharkhand besides West Bengal and Maharashtra. While 13 constituencies in Uttar Pradesh will vote in the fourth round of polling today, 5 constituencies from Bihar, 8 constituencies from Bihar, 6 constituencies of Madhya Pradesh, 3 constituencies of Jharkhand and 17 constituencies of Jharkhand will be voting to elect their Lok Sabha representatives.

It must be kept in mind that as an overwhelming majority of seats in these 71 constituencies were won in the last Lok Sabha elections by the BJP and its NDA allies, it is facing a test by fire in such constituencies. The fight in not just Bihar Jharkhand and UP is very tough, it has become equally tough in Maharashtra as well.

The fight has become very tough in these places due to multiple reasons. While in Bihar and Jharkhand a Mahagathbandhan has been formed consisting of Rashtriya Janta Dal (RJD), Congress and a host of small and newly formed parties representing a multitude of casts, in UP, BSP and SP have come together and formed an alliance along with Ajit Singh’s RLD. These two formations have made the life of the BJP and its NDA allies very difficult. The BJP may not win half the seats it won in UP in 2014 Lok Sabha election and will not be able to win the number of seats it won in Jharkhand and Bihar last time. Things are not looking very bright for the ruling alliance in Maharashtra too, where Raj Thackeray has made the life of the BJP miserable. In this election, the Congress/NCP alliance will give very tough fight to the BJP/Shiv Sena alliance.