Honda recall 2011 include 962,000 cars including FIT, CR-V, CRZ, City sedans


    Honda recall 2011 include 962,000 cars including FIT, CR-V, CRZ, City sedans besides many other cars such as Jazz

    Honda has announced to recall as many as 962,000 cars in its latest problem that is going to cost the company millions and millions of dollars. But to be true, the recall is going to improve the company’s image in the eyes of its car buyers as a responsible company that doesn’t shies away from recall when the safety of the users is concerned.

    Honda cars are known to be safe and no problem cars that don’t require huge amount of money on its upkeep like many other brands. And it is expected that the recall is going to get it more admirers than actually tarnishing its image.

    Though there are not many studies on actually how many car owners take their cars to Honda service centers to get recall issues resolves, I am sure the number mustn’t be very high as the latest issue that has been extensively reported across the world hasn’t affected many people.

    The latest round of recalls will affect Honda in US, China, India, Japan besides Europe and Middle East. Most top cars from Honda stable have used the same faulty power window switches that may catch fire and may endanger the occupants of the cars. Though the company has said that so far there hasn’t been any incident of such sort, not many are going to take chances.

    This year alone, with the new recalls, the company has recalled close to 3.2 million cars in just August and September. More than two million cars were recalled by the Japanese giant due to some issues in automatic transmission in its cars.

    The cars that are being recalled for power window switches include Honda CR-V, Honda CR-Z, City, Jazz and some other models.