BY | April 15, 2013

Sedans are becoming cheaper and cheaper. Honda Amaze vs Maruti Regal fight has begun. Priced at Rs 4.99 lakhs and 5.6 lakh respectively for petrol versions, both are going to be huge hit in the Indian market

Honda Amaze and Maruti Regal are going to slug it out in the market in the days to come. Both the entry level sedans have been showcased by their respective manufacturers, ironically both of whom belong to Japan. While Maruti’s Regal is a tried and tested car that has been in the market for years –it is a refreshed version of Swift Dzire of the Japanese car giant –while Honda’s is a new car and will have to compete against an established player in a new avatar.

Maruti’s hatchback Swift and its entry level sedan Swift Dzire are among the cars that are in highest demand in their respective genre. They are reliable, value for money and have great appeal in used car segment. So a user who has used his car for a couple of years will not face any issue in selling his second hand car. But there are really very few people who want to selloff their used Swift and Swift Dzire. Their reliability and great efficiency prompts people to continue using them for many more years.

The launch of Honda and Amaze and the subsequent announcement of Maruti Regal has ensured that the new Honda sedan doesn’t get a free hand in the market. Both the cars are going to be available in almost similar price range, but while Honda’s Amaze will come with both diesel and petrol versions, Maruti’s Regal will be available in petrol only version and there will be no diesel version available in the market. Honda says its Amaze will give around 25 km mileage on diesel version, and this fact is going to be very high on  common people’s minds why they go shopping for their next car. Given its attractions it is no wonder that Honda has already received around 6500 pre-orders for its car that is set to be a huge hit with the Indian car enthusiasts. Honda is sure that within the next week, pre-order will cross 10000 mark.

Maruti bosses have abruptly announced the new Regal to ensure that their main market is not snapped up by Honda. “Maruti Suzuki is very responsive to competitive market environment. We have seen it in the past… Regal variant is just another example of how nimble the company can be when it comes to reacting to competition,” said a person close to the developments in Maruti, but didn’t want to be identified. He also added that Regal is a five-year anniversary edition, and has been ready for a while, but the company wanted to time its release with the launch of Amaze. It’s not unusual for Maruti to introduce new variants close to the launch of new products from rivals. It had come out with a new variant of Alto called ‘Xplore’ when Hyundai Motor India launched its entry-level car Eon in 2011.

As far as Maruti Dzire’s market performance is concerned, the company sold 15,000 units of Dzire a month in FY13, selling 1,69,571 units a year, and its sales hit a peak of 18,000 units in March this year. So far Maruti has sold as many as 5.30 lakh Dzire sedans in India and it is still in huge demand. On the other hand Honda is expecting at least a demand of 5,000 units of Amaze per month. So far it has booked as many as 6,500 pre-order. So the response is more than enthusiastic.


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  • welingkar

    I wish Honda removed those ghastly “crimp lines” along the Amaze’s body. Please can’t we have a more rounded body that spells elegance rather than these designs that make the car look like it is the result of some faulty origami work by an amateur?