What went wrong with Ronda Rousey: Watch full fight video highlights

What went wrong with Ronda Rousey: Watch full fight video highlights

What went wrong with Ronda Rousey: Watch full fight video highlights

Holly Holm has become the giant killer. She beat one of the most prominent female MMA fighters who has ruled the dreadful world of mixed martial art for the last several years. There is no denying the fact that there might be just a handful of people who may be expecting an upset in Melbourne.

Most of the UFC fans were sure that the petite, yet very dangerous Rousey will finish the fight in less than a minute. Nicknamed ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’, Holm amazed the jam packed UFC fans with her game plan that she seems to have followed completely. She never seemed fearful of Rousey’s star power or the fact that she has remained unbeatable thus far in the octagon.

To be true, all it takes to win a fight is one great kick, seemed to be somewhere deep in her mind and very patiently she implemented her plan.Ufc

There is no denying the fact that despite being very restrained, the fight was hers from start to finish. She either cast aside the charged bull of a champion or stuck her with knives in the neck when the opportunity presented itself. And it did often.

The match didn’t begin on a great note as Rousey refused to touch gloves. Within seconds the champion (who is now a former champion) tried to take down her 34-year-old opponent. The first strong left-hand lead from the southpaw challenger was clean. And like any stung bull Rousey chased. In her previous three fights Rousey had fought a total of 64 seconds.

This fight was different. Here was an opponent who was not just avoiding her jabs, kicks and take down efforts, but was hitting ferociously with her own. Following the first minute in a cage with Holm, Rousey was red-eyed and snarling. And for all the effort it was left hand after left hand from the challenger, whose calm proved to be the perfect antidote to Rousey’s charged encounters.

After winning the belt a beaming Holm said, “We figured the pressure was coming…I have to say everything we worked on presented itself in the fight. Every route she tried to get.”

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