Himachal voting Highlights


    voters-of-kinnaurShimla: One hundred and twenty seven years old senior voter of the Himachal Bhadru Ram castes his vote at Katiya Majhar under Kusumpti Vidhan Sabha constituency of Shimla Parliamentary constituency. 

    Smt. Amrawati Devi, 101 years old disabled reached in wheel chair to caste her vote in Ward No-2. in Raura Sector, Bilaspur. 
    Vir Singh, 109 years old castes his vote at the polling station established at Mandodhar Leprosy Hospital in Solan district. There are 34 voters above the age of 99 years in the district.

    Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal, Chief Minister casting his vote at Samirpur in District Hamirpur today.
    Smt. Amravati 101 years old going on wheel chair to cast her vote at Raoura Sector in Bilaspur district today.


    121 years old Aanty Devi w/o of late sh. Aalam Ram village Sachuienpo Bharmour going to cast her vote