Himachal to carryout research to improve local breed of cow


    MONIKA Sharma writes: Prem Kumar Dhumal, Chief Minister said that State Government would consider to carryout exhaustive research to improve the local breed of cow with a view to enhance medicinal value of milk and other products. He was addressing the General House of H.P. Veterinarians Association at Palampur in district Kangra today.

    Chief Minister said that scientists would be motivated to undertake research and come out with positive conclusions to enhance production of milk besides making people aware of the value of milk, urine and cow dung. He said that it would help in motivating people to rear cow instead of living them astray. He said that state government would support the research project.

     Dhumal said that veterinary doctors were rendering valuable services to the society and added that treating animals was a sensitive job. He said that the well being of animals was equally important for the society.

    Chief Minister said that agriculture and animal husbandry were basic sectors, which engaged major chunk of population. He said that animal husbandry was supplementing the income generated by farming and was contributing towards strengthening rural economy. He emphasized upon diversification of traditional agriculture practices, which could ensure better income to the farmers.

    Prof. Dhumal said that animal husbandry sector should be strengthened and modernized and added that state government was committed to strengthen agriculture and animal husbandry sectors. He added that both the portfolios were with him and he would personally monitor the progress in these sectors.

    Chief Minister also released the publication brought out by Sudershan Bhatia, a renowned writer on the occasion.

    Dr. B.C. Bist, Director Animal Husbandry presented a draft of Rs. 4,22,560 as contribution towards Chief Minister’s Relief Fund on behalf of the Association.

    Dr. B.S. Chauhan, President, H.P. Veterinarians Association welcomed the Chief Minister. He apprised him of various demands of the Association. Dr. Sidharth Thakur, proposed vote of thanks.